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OR they blame the unvaccinated. Trump should have purged the FCC and destroyed the msm/ big tech. It’s blatant propaganda and its pedaled so repetitively common sense or ability to formulate your own opinion is gone. They also put fear into the people who do by giving them a simple label. No one has time to debate a racist, sexist, nazi who happens to be a black colored Jew... They also throw out polls to demoralize your opinion such as Biden winning or over half the country is vaccinated... welcome to clown world.

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shit like this really makes you wonder who runs the military.

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Why would you be unhappy if you're not a boomer? Sounds like you're dumb enough to contradict yourself. I find it odd you're so defensive and offended on someone else behalf. Pretty low IQ lefty tendencies you have.

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Grew up playing hockey. Can tell you MAJORITY are not smart. r/hockey on reddit is all canadian commies its sickening

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No one hates "boomers" its a trending internet joke that's fucking hilarious. Its funny because it highlights how successful you can be until the landscape changes i.e social media and technology. The joke is basically "you're obsolete because you lack the inability to adapt with technology because you got too comfortable with your ways". Now you're all butthurt because 12 year olds make more money in a week streaming a video game than you will in an entire year.

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Only a boomer would imagine a campaign against them is a psyop. Sorry, but you're not that important. Leave the internet to the tech savy younger gen. Deepweb to you is probably Qanon facebook page lmao

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Lol yes. Learn how to play cards.

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Waiting for him to run.

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Stupid fucking post. Video conference calls have been happening forever. Video conferences still have the chance of being hacked. If you want to remove all chances and keep information to an inner circle you go into an area where no electronic devices are allowed aka a SCIF

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They're actually trying to lock prices on rentals so landlords can't adjust rent accordingly.

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