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Same people that couldn't get enough of "Lieutenant Colonel" fat ass

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It could be much worse if they didn't vaccinate the economy with the inflation reduction act

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I don't get how this happened in North Dakota, I could see it in California, New York, Oregon etc. but North Dakota wtf?

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Cost of living is doubling while retirement savings are being cut in half sounds like we should be celebrating to me.

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What Trump did was so illegal that we now have to change the law to make sure he doesn't do the already illegal thing again.

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The shocking thing is that I am no longer shocked by the blatant criminal behavior in dem controlled areas

by wrmevlp
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Bet Potato pardons him when he retires so he will never be charged

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Plus all the ones who have drowned, been raped, robbed or used as slaves

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So the real number coming in is probably at least 25,000 a day

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Then you have his butt buddy Lindsey trying to rally the dem turnout by proposing federal abortion bans right before mid terms. Why now? You couldn't pick a worse time.

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Everything they are trying to provoke violence on the right has not worked yet. I can see them upping their game by arresting President Trump, and cancelling in person voting if there is any violence.

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