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I moved there in the late 2000s, was there for 5 years. There were neighborhoods that were basically bedroom communities of New York and New Jersey. I worked with a guy who moved down from New York, he found he had 3 people he went to high school with in his neighborhood.

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He's just now figuring this out?

Not too bright, but he is an actor after all....

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Racist cops should have just shot him in the leg, he was just getting his life together and was on his was to record his first rap album. Now the world will be denied his artistry.

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My son got Covid last week after going to a concert. Cold symptoms for less than a week, he's 100% fine now.

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Rents>>>>> Up

Wages>>>>>> Down

Croney capitalist profits>>>>> Up

Donations to uniparty politicians>>>>>> Way up

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A man of moral character wouldn't need to be warned about things like this, he would know it was wrong.

But a dufus shyster who makes mobsters look like good family men would.

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Number 2 and 3 are contradictory to a wokest.

They " embrace science" by saying the science is settled. Which can't coexist with " changing your mind when new information becomes available.

And number 4, hell everything is black and white to them, or put another way, orange man bad.

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The follow up should be, good faith beliefs, based on WHAT?

You either form your belief on evidence, it could be circumstantial, or you just are making it up.

I believed as a little kid in the tooth fairy because I went to sleep with a tooth under my pillow and woke up and there was a dime. I had no direct evidence that a tooth fairy put it there, but I could at least say I had "a good faith belief" that is what happened.

These people have nothing.

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If the black homeless man asked the kid to suck his cock, this father probably would have forced him to, because of the complexities of the homeless crisis and the racial dynamics of policing.

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They were let into the club, now they know all the secrets and where the missing kids bodies are buried. Of course the cabal will continue to pay they off with big salaries and perks at worthless organizations.

"Institute for climate change", ok, sure.....

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They did put 2 and 2 together....

I think they answered Canada and sweet tea.

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If I wanted too, I could spend 24 hours on fakebook a day telling Facebook I don't want to see their ads and promoted pages, and I'd still not get to see anything of value.

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