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Soooo they're gonna try to flip the chessboard before the elections remove them.

They have safety bunkers and underground mansions and shit. We get to become glass and flashframes. So, whats the plan here? or will we just sit on our assess and talk a lot of shit?

Why aren't we in DC shutting the whole place down against nuclear war?

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Trump showed us that the biggest thing holding this nation back was a leader who stood up to elites. Trump made some mistakes, fell for hype, definitely had some of the wrong people in his ear, but he showed us something important that we're simply ignoring.

All of our economic woes are ENTIRELY manufactured by the global elites. They DESPISE OUR PERSONAL SUCESS because when we suceed we see no more reason for them to exist. They have no real power when people wake up to this fact.

Wake up and learn, they have no real power, they have no real allies, and they can only get things done via subterfuge. They're enemies not just to the United states but to Humanity. They push an endless deathmatch of anti-human politics.

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He's live now. He has to restart his stream and try to reassess. He can't just keep going like that.

People pay money to have their comments read. Youtube is a piece of shit.

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I've been saying this forever now


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They marketed the shit out of it. Every time I was in a room with a tv on I'd see an ad for this shit. The last straw for me was seeing this being promoted on the MTV VMAs, airing while on fucking Nickelodeon while checking in on a younger family member I was helping watch. Yes I know Nick airs more adult content later at night, and I don't fucking care.

They said during the VMAs that this was what America was really headed for. And they begged people to support it so they could prove their point that America is Gay forever now, and we gotta deal with it.

And now here we are. It didn't just flop, that fucker went down hard and fast enough to Make Kamala jealous of the technique. Last time something on this earth landed that hard, the dinosaurs went extinct. GET ABSOLUTELY FUCKED, gay agenda!! Get your bugchasing Bolshevik butt completely and utterly Blown THE FUCK OUT!

I will not stop taking victory laps over this monkey pox-riddled madness. I hoped it would do bad, but this was beyond my wildest wet dreams.

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or even better. Give CA exactly 1 electoral vote to go with it's inflation (but of people)

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Wow, it's almost like he's compromised by the chicoms or something.

Man, whouda thunk that democrats were projecting all along when it was Trump/Russia, or Trump start WWIII, or Trump/MAGA insurrectionist or Threat to democracy or literally everything else they do and say!!? /s

I want off this CarousHell

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The worst part is, by today's standards, even if that were a bra and not a tank top, that would still a fairly conservative outfit.

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8 years ago, homosexuality as a reproductive dead end was defended with a "well not all women can give birth either, bigot" knowing full well that was the exception to the rule.

Now they're calling basic biology a social discrimination that requires government handouts to fix?

Worse yet? How far does this shit make it in NYC courts but any grievances with New York law enforcement and judicial impropriety gets ignored and turned away. This is the 2-tierd justice system at it's core.

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(Use Brave Browser. No more youtube ads. And runs on chromium so it can use most chrome extensions (like youtube view dislike)

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For reasons (against my will) I found myself watching the back end of the VMAs. Aside from wanting to gouge my eyes and ears out, I saw these celebrities' screaming about how

"We're going to prove the bigots wrong, THE FUTURE IS GAY..."

$5 million? Out of a box office that can get up to a billion in revenues? AH HAHA HA AHA HAHAHAHAHAHA

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MTG bitches about censorship but goes after attempting to censor the Kiwifarms, because she was stupid enough to think a person who SWATs people would identify themselves.

She called for their shutdown because she didn't like their speech. If you're going to balk about freedom of speech, ACT LIKE IT!!

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"Has people speculating about 5G"

Pardon the fuck?

Where are a bunch of 3rd worlders as seen in the video getting reasonable 5G infrastructure? Whats more likely is something vaccine and stroke related.

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I don't mind the idea of a new champion, but people shilling for Ronny D or anybody else because "Trump has too much baggage" or some retardation like that thinking the media will suddenly play nice with you, What in the fuck is wrong with you, and where did you place your brain cells?

Trump is already super popular on the right and left (though leftards won't admit to it) Fuck Desantis. Dude was a fucking TURBO RINO prior to 2018. You're not going to find a new champion in him or a Cruz.

Watch a new wave of people unironically say this as presidential elections get closer.

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There probably won't be. This is the equivalent of a commercial air crew intentionally piloting a plane into a nosedive at the foot of a mountain and then jumping out with the only parachutes.

The Strategic oil reserves were set to expire in October meaning the price of gas will finally (And suddenly, and VIOLENTLY) rebound to what it should be now. Now my most generous estimate is about $10/gal, but it could go to 15 in some places. The sudden shock to the system will be too much. Expect rollng blackouts and a supply chain crash.

Either people riot, or WWIII starts. They're trying to start WWIII before the people find out the emperor has no clothes. Own nothing and Be happy

This is the final battle for this nation. we've been holding in overtime for 2 years. If we miss this window, If we allow fraud to take place. If we let them continue wrecking this economy there is no coming back from it. I don't care how hard you work for a living. Good luck clocking in to carbonated bodies, flash shadows and GLASS Let me be as clear as fucking crystal.


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When did Vlad speak up and say that Russia did not help Trump?

Every time he spoke publicly to American press about it. Actually. The fuck are you even talking about?

Your man Vlad

Bro, who the fuck are you even talking to? Does this post give praise to Putin? No? Then why are you calling him "my man," you retard? What are you, a bot?

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Not necessarily.

It can happen if the United states suffers a rapid regime change now. Nobody wants to fight a nuclear war, so we need to be the deterrent that stops the elites from starting this war. If they try it - if they so much as verbalize "declare war" We interrupt and stop them by force. And all of them and their associates hang. Every politician Dem and GOP who kept allowing this planned deconstruction will need to be jailed in such a way that they can NEVER return to life again.

The United States completely reboots. and we disassociate with NATO and the UN.

THAT is another plan of attack. We must be as defiant as possible. This one's for keeps so don't be a little bitch or accuse others of glowing, or we'll all be glowing a radioactive green. It's clear the elites want us dead before we can make the legal choice - I will not leave my fate to criminals who so clearly cheat in elections.

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These people don't care about something as Binding as the constitution, they sure as shit don't care about the rules for NATO. Nato was putting the weapons in Ukraine in the first place.

NATO is over. I used to be of the belief that the UN can go but NATO can stay, but seeing them trying to start a nuclear conflict has me re-evaluating this position

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