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Oh? Okay then. Just tell everyone that he's Epstein's second in command.

What does he have to hide? Why is he hiding it for Epstein? Since he doesn't want the truth to get out, he shouldn't mind if the internet just treats his collusion as evidence and runs with it.

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We all know the truth, and if they're dead they're not defending themselves anytime soon.

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R/politics from my understanding was actually very liberterian circa 2014/2015 with many of them being center right and neutral. It was during the 2016 election that Share Blue brought out r/politics and banned every somewhat critical voice of clinton on the sub. I know a ton of ex bernie supporters who migrated to r/the_donald in the wake of the Hillary Clinton Terraforming efforts.

Everyone in r/politics is a shitlib communist and globally right-wing idelogy is taking over so the actual reach of the sub is miniscule. Reddit itself seems to have gone from a massive cultural hub to Tumblr 2.0. run by faggot tranny jannies Reddit is the joke of the online space now.

The funniest things to come from plebbit in recent years was the API powermod civil war, the r/anti-work expose and of course, the r/VoluteersForUkraine Bombings (On a few occasions, bunch of pro-Ukraine reddit fags decided to become foreign mercenaries in Ukraine...Hilarity ensued)

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Second paragraph

According to reports, voters in Northampton County in Pennsylvania have now experienced at least two elections when voting machines glitched on them, and many are calling for answers ahead of the contentious 2024 elections.

...Calling for answers? Everyone and their mom knows the answer. How about suing the bejesus out of them and then demanding paper ballots? The fuck is this slow-walking bullshit? GET IT DONE.

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No, seriously we should learn from those people. There were ways out of their tyrannical governments too before they took power. (The first chapter of Gulag archipelago goes into this perfectly actually)

We're at the precipice sitting and letting the hand strangle us. I've been a long time advocate now of an intense wave of civic disobedience. Bank runs, disobedience campaigns. Imagine 150 million people not filing their taxes, for example (And You know you could get a bunch of leftists in on it too). We know they use lawfare? Where are our legal frens and why aren't they stepping up?

We're in a war for our lives now. We need to sit up and act before its far too late.

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I wonder about that sometimes...

You'd think the obvious cheating on the last elections would have awoken people but nothing. Trump represents an out, but they've proven they can do whatever they want to and people won't do jack shit about it. Until I see evidence otherwise, it's the truth.

There are ways out of tyranny that don't involve shooting. They're relatively easy to do with some coordination, but nobody goes for those solutions, and so we're at an impasse.

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What if people are just tired of Israeli tricks?

ALso I'm neither pro Israel or Pro Islam... I call for a new CRUSADE.

Kick em all out!

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No, That's retarded. The haircut really just makes him look like Conan O'Brien.

I prefer the old Trump look to this.

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Why's he looking like Conan O'Brien though?

Also, fuck forbes.

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If your "value" immediately changes on a dime then it's not a value, it's bullshit.

Israelis don't have values. They despise the west, but take the US's billions of annual money. They hate multiculturalism, so they shove the third world into another nation and demand multiculturalism there. Poles were also victims of the Holocaust - but they don't deserve a nation to themselves, much less a fucking mention in the history books but they must embrace Zionist multiculturalism or else they're evil.

Every cry of "Anti-semitism" is bullshit. If you support Palestinians, who are ALSO Semitic peoples, you by-definition cannot be "Anti-Semitic" They just took ownership of the word.

There are no "values," only convenient contradictions to empower themselves over others. And they want our support?? LOL Fuck Israel.

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Racism: A weapon to be used against white people, perpetrated by non-white sources, specifically Zionist organizations like the ADL.

Imagine behaving like this constantly and then wondering where the support for Israel is among white people.

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10/10 gaslight.

No matter what nation they came from, they are fundamentally, ethnically, and religiously Jewish.

Lets send Israel some Black Hebrew Israelites, after all, diversity is a strength, right? Lets send them some Non-Jewish Hispanic Migrants from south of our border, because it's all about compassion. Lets flood their country with violent, military aged African Migrants. And finally, lets just send them an entire faction of Muslims and Hindus from around the world.

Just like what White nations are expected to do.

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Personally, Impeachment is just a show. There's no plan to remove Biden from power or arrest him and thus it will only waste a fuck ton of time.

We should definitely make a show of his crimes though. They need to go all in with those inquiries get all the dirt. Trump will make Killer campaign ads.

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Vivek is the Indian tech support scammers of the GOP. He talks the talk but his record as a Soros bedfellow speaks for itself.

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The "American Melting Pot" is a myth. It's time that Americans secure and focus on the interests of American men and women. When you can't even secure your own border properly, there is a problem. You think it's bad with Ukraine? Oh it's a LOT worse with israel.

We definitely need a dual citizen tracker for Congress to effectively weed them out.

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use brave search, and adjust goggles to alt-right (Right-leaning nets you MSM controlled op sites and... Far left sites like Guardian and Huffpo which makes it worthless)

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Look I (the other user) don't give a fuck. I will just post all that information again because it needs to be seen. I'm just gonna move it all over here.

Please read the thread for more context.

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