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Oh yeah, I don't think we'll actually defeat them with no violence. Even if we do re-establish law and order and eliminate cheating from elections and clean indoctrination out of the schools, they aren't going to just take it sitting down.

If we can still win without flipping the board, they'll still flip the board once they realize they're done for.

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Project Veritas got it on video too, and to my knowledge, nothing's been done.

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He was never going to cross the rubicon, because he still believes in law and order and doesn't want Americans killing Americans.

At the time (in January) we thought it was hopeless. But movements for election integrity and against CRT sprung up across the country after they martyred him, and solely because of Trump we may still have a peaceful resolution.

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He kinda sorta did that, except he allowed the world to re-open when the vaccine came out.

Then the enemy within subverted Trump's effort and turned it into the means to crack down on the world anyway.

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Since the mRNA vaccine "works" by making your body replicate the spike protein so your immune system attacks it, I guess that means we need 32 more vaccines. :/

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What a gay name to give it. At least delta sounds kinda badass.

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She comes from a literal family of Marxists who were living the high life in a brutal Marxist-Islamic regime. Her father was a government propagandist.

They came here to escape when their regime was overthrown, if you believe the gateway pundit anyway.

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I don't know about moderates, but full-on tankie radical communists maneuver their way out of that one with "We had to choose between two capitalist pedophiles." (Because radical leftist democrats aren't far-left enough for them.)

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When you get told all your problems are because of white supremacy, all your insecurities become white supremacy too.

When white people get rejected by women, we have no-one else to blame, so we have to grow from it.

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He still believed in love over hate, and in peaceful/nonviolent resistance to get his message out.

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Yeah, that's practically a bait article from the NY post here.

It doesn't say anything about Facebook's actions after the trial, just right after he shot those dudes.

It's dated yesterday and yet it's about what happened last year.

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They mean economic disadvantages.

They're always constructing this fake view of the world where literally nobody can survive...unless you steal from those who were able to survive, lol.

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Malcom X wouldn't either? When the socialists aren't using MLK out of context ("a riot is the language of the unheard"), I thought they're always using Malcom X to justify rioting.

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Marth 18th. But this is still the first I've heard of it.

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That's an excuse if I ever heard one.

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I love the contrast between treating Kyle like a hardened badass and his innocent appearance, hahaha

Here, have a meme I made about him. https://patriots.win/p/140Iidcw09/kyle-rittenhouse-is-a-sexual-sad/

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Lmfao is that where 4doorsmorewhores comes from?

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The name just got changed while I was reading the talk page. It's christmas parade attack now.

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Trump is holding back whatever he can from the fishing expedition using executive privilege.

But he's making an exception for evidence of the election theft, but they won't want to see that, lol.

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They always go back on their principles whenever it benefits them.

Literally the only time I've ever seen them adhere to a principle when it's disadvantageous is not misgendering transgenders.

They absolutely fucking hate any minority that leaves the plantation. They'll call black people uncle toms, they'll say gays and transgenders have "internalized homophobia/internalized transphobia". They'll call transmedicalists "truscum". They'll call anti-trans feminists "terfs".

But they'll never misgender a transgender. Donald Trump, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Adolph Hitler could literally walk up in drag and the left will say "Yeah well I still hate you ma'am."

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It was the same when they tried to bait him during the debate.

"dO yOu coNdEmN tHe prOuD bOyS???"

Trump, the president of law and order: "I don't know who they are. But I would tell them, stand back and stand by."

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Asking the real questions. We need to get back to what this place was like before the steal. Pedes always had receipts and fake news always got called out in the comments.

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