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The taco salads were good once upon a time

Get ranch dressing with it, extra sour cream, douse it in hot sauce

Break off the shell to use it as a scoop

Then they started chinkifying it, adding more and more beans and less 'meat'

I knew it was over by then

Then they added rice

I do like rice but it's just filler

They did the same with the Mexican pizza

I remember the day it was introduced, it was called 'pizzazz'

They gradually chinkified that too and by the end they used gross ass stewed canned tomatos on it instead of fresh ones

And half the time I'd go to taco bell on a road trip down south or something, the shells would taste like varnish and the sour cream was off


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Good because

Why would they save your life if instead they could harvest you

We are nothing but cattle to them

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I got a bone to pick with dairy queen too. Filthy restaurants and unreliable service and shitty food

Shame too because it used to be a good place

Also miss long Jon silvers. Kids meals was DOPE yall

Now it's just grease and bad fries

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He is a shambling lurch looking fuckface who can't sing and plays shitty guitar and was famous for a brief period in the 60's

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These aren't pro

I could tell you what products are most profitable

A flock of joggers are like seagulls grabbing a hotdog from a little girl

But real pro's, which I was back in the day, I would be eating steak

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Sounds like you don't understand how street fighting works

The kid was running his mouth and didn't know what he was doing and got dropped

Seen it in real life multiple times

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I've had my awakening fighting for my life in housing projects as a kid

That and MUCH more

But enjoy your nice suburban life and talk shit to people it's always hilarious

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Is this the 'undetectable' one that they can somehow detect?

Encyclopedia Brown motherfuckers

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I read that when he was alive and it explains a lot

The music industry has always been organized crime and now its in hyper drive

Government too. It's always been this way

A million times more powerful than the mob

They laugh at you when they count your money they skim

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I never want to hurt somebody

Except chomos

And I'm not a badass

But the way I grew up

Most people here can't understand

Thank you for your kindness

I woke up at 5 so I go back to sleep for an hour

Fed the animals

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I ain't gonna watch this because I can't find my headphones

But by selling chemical precursors for meth and Coke, and selling fent , yeah

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It's not staged I've seen and been involved in worse

My jaw is screwed together and I have several scars on my head from stitches

I win about half the time

But I'm 50 now and I'll just shoot or stab, I'm tired

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They are going to make snow white a mexi and I guarantee they will have black and gay dwarves

Still waiting for the all white remake of Roots

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