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You don’t have to support mandates. Touting that it works, it doesn’t, is bad enough. Encouraging people to get it, which he has, is also bad.

They are forcing it on kids now who have ZERO risk from it. Have you heard Trump strongly say kids should NEVER take the vaccine?

Have you heard him say masks don’t really work?

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What did I say that isn’t accurate?

You think he did everything correct?

Are you glad he didn’t fire Fauci?

Happy we have a vaccine that is being used to prevent people from working or seeing family?

Glad we still have to wear masks after the president endorsed the lie they work?

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He should have known they would never have opened it up.

It’s really easy to stop something, it’s hard to start it back up.

Even after it was obvious he had been duped, he kept doubling down and giving Fauci the podium time and time again.

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He’s surrounded by people who hate him and his agenda.

I have talked to people in his orbit and they all tell me the same thing, he is isolated with those who undermine him. Especially Ivanka and Jared.

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I’d rather speak the truth than pretend everything he did was okay.

You’re a handshake account, I actually have a solid reputation here.

Dissent is allowed as long as it’s constructive and to pretend he didn’t monumentally fuck it up is ignorant and naive at best.

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I think you are underestimating his reach and rhetoric. I hate the guy, but he’s just as clever as the shills on the Left, considering he basically is one.

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90% of the people who I met that listen to him gobble it up like Lefties with the NYT.

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The top “””conservative””” podcast in the country, and one of the top in the world.

I can’t count how many brainwashed people I met who loved Trump and the America First movement before they started listening to him and instantly became neocon cucks who wanted cheap labor and to shill for Amazon.

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Rand has at least been fighting against masking. I can’t say the same for Trump.

I love the guy, but he needs to read the room and stop pushing the mask lie and the vaccine. NO ONE WANTS THE VACCINE AND MASKS DON’T WORK!

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Now we find out if the weak conservatives in Arizona have any balls or if they are feckless cowards who will do nothing but say things to sound like they are.

Make arrests or vote them out and never let them show their face in public again without ridicule and scorn.

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Upvoted for the title alone. So sick of these zealous purists who are ruining our movement. We need people to redpoll the normies, everyone has their place.

The same thing goes with Tucker Carlson. His show has broken more stories, and covered topics even Newsmax and OANN won’t touch, he also covered Hunter’s laptop more thoroughly than people give him credit for, and yet they attack him.

And people wonder why we can’t get anything done. We are too busy letting infighting destroy us from within, rather than focusing on the real enemy outside.

That being said, there are definitely some cucks in government on the right who need all the attacking they can get, they are lawmakers and should thus be held to a MUCH higher standard.

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This Q bullshit is so obnoxious.

As others have said, we are done holding the line. Get out and take action. Vote in local elections, volunteer to canvas, run for school board, and get involved.

Action action action

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Correct, the colors are just to indicate voting system in place in that city.

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I just wish he would clean house. He still is surrounded by a lot of the same people who spent 4 years undermining him. Ivanka, Jared, Meadows, Graham, and a lot of other people we don’t even know about.

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I sat down with MTG for about an hour recently and she is just as based, if not more, in person than she is on social media.

She’s a true fighter. We need more like her and Boebert. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Boebert in the near future and pick her brain because I love her schtick.

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And unfortunately Trump lost that fight and gave in to his corrupt advisors and this cycled general.

Trump should have demanded his resignation on the spot for insubordination and failure to follow a lawful order.

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Notice how many of those are men?

Repeal the 18th amendment. Women shouldn’t be voting or serving in office.

I’m sure this is controversial but women have no clan loyalty.

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