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That guy was wrongly accused

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He started shitting on the Biden admin recently in regards to inflation and we all know you can't criticize the current admin in any way shape or form

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Probably only applies to the small % that aren't criminals

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I wouldn't be surprised if the Deep State takes Elon out. Some private jet crash or something. :-/

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It solves countless problems so it is here to stay in one form or another

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What about my statement isn't true? It may be in its infancy but it's definitely a decentralized economy and growing. If it's such a joke why are governments trying to create their own? My boss bought land and furnished his entire house with it.

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Smart people being criticized by a person not only just as smart, but applying that brain in ways that they never could is a sight to see.

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LOL - Muh climate change and about a million other talking points that don't address the question

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Bring back the 80s style action movies for the love of God!

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Its funny cause the only time I ever see twitter "used" is as links on other social media. Do people log on there and browse around the way they do other social media sites?

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