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I don't understand why the guy filming, and the son, where charged with murder??

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When was this picture taken? And who's the guy in the far right?

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Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!!! America still has hope!!!! God bless Kyle Rittenhouse!!!!

American-Patriot 12 points ago +13 / -1

Anyone who votes and/or filibusters this bullshit is a national hero

American-Patriot 39 points ago +42 / -3

You guys are so fucking impatient gawddamn. Stop declaring it will be a hung jury or that Kyle will be guilty or whatever.

Instead be patient and pray for Kyle, and for the jurors. Nobody has ANY idea what is going on, or how long it will take.

If worse comes to worse, then so be it and we'll deal with that moving forward. For now, that is not yet the case, so stop dooming and start hoping.

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That's bullshit there is no way. All the lesser charges have been removed. It's only the 1st degree murder charges that remain

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I remember seeing this video years ago on YouTube and TV. Can no longer seem to find it funny enough.

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You have to die before you can legally defend yourself, according to these fuckers.

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What evil fucking pieces of shit. Can that not be grounds to disbar them from ever being a lawyer/judge again for life?

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What a stupid bill. You think I'd care about money if I ended up dead, mangled, or sterilized?

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Huge respects to Louder with Crowder, who IMMEDIATELY dropped their Black Rifle Coffee sponsorship after this bullshit occurred. They were a pretty big sponsor too, but I'm glad Crowder and team they stand by their principles.

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They better restore the R700 back to its former glory. Currently quality control is straight garbage.

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Comoeltly agree. If the jury is hung, then there is reasonable doubt and the defendant must be declared not guilty.

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