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Oklahoma is a fortress for Conservative values, I believe it's your second biggest city, Tulsa. They have a coalition of Christian business leaders, and pastors. Who represent a majority so large, that the city officials listen to them. Tulsa is red, and other cities need to follow Tulsa's example.

Christian coalition to make leaders afraid of being removed if they do not listen to the majority.

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I'd love to believe it, I hope it's true. I truly do. But the JFK. Jr thing is confusing as is.

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That would be amazing if it's true, but I highly doubt it is. If we had copy from George Magazine, I would believe it.

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Is that Abigail Shapiro?

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Praying God reveals his unconditional love and grace for you.

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You know what aggravates me? After the war, the Confederates and the Union, they made peace with eachother, and the South accepted their fate. But we lived in harmony shortly thereafter, and we allowed Confederate and Union soliders to be buried besides eachother. Because they were still Americans, who fought for what they believed in, right or wrong.

The confederate's deserve respect because they fought valiantly for what they believed in, even if some of it was wrong, mostly the slavery part. Some things they had right, but they also had a lot at the front of their movement that was wrong.

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Wouldn't that mean roughly only 30 thousand people died? If the deaths are 500k or whatever the Govt says it was? Something around there.

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Appreciate the transparency Doggos.

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Stop using Streamable, it's trash. Hates our guts.

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Someone should tell him to wear his mask on his PFP and shut up.

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That rachel Maddow picture also made me spit out my water.

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Don't ever let up, make them suffer.

Don't give them your business, you're just giving into an evil corporate machine that hates you and panders when they lose money.

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The greater number of people will be emotionally able to resonate with it? Surprising, I always assumed more detailed pieces of work captivated people. And good stories..

I'd also say it's because children and teenagers of this current generation, grew up with simplified garbage, which has no creativity, or for a lack of better words, beauty, in it.

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Africa hasn't changed much, because Jesus hasn't been spread in that part of the world really, it is now. Look at Uganda, great place.

If you look at the nations where the gospel spread, they have beautiful architecture, and very clean areas, because the Church helped develop Western civilization.

Not only that, but because the Gospel still resides in the hearts of people today. Look at India, the only beautiful thing there I have seen, is certain ancient buildings like the Taj Mahal. But India is a dark, Godless country that kills Christians daily, and the lives of people there, are miserable, crammed in ugly and dirty cities.

The gospel was reached to places, and they began to prosper because of God's word, Africa began to prosper, but the Gospel was cut out, thanks to Islam, which turned it, and left it the way it was, to this day.

I'd say, one of the few beautiful cities that haven't been reached with the Gospel much, unfortunately, are Tokyo, and Dubai, probably a few more I'm missing, but still. Western Civilization has survived due to the Gospel, even if the Church had some horrific moments, especially because of the Catholic Church.

And that's why Western Countries, are mostly the most clean, nice looking, and safer places in the world. (Not safe in a lot of areas, but it's safer than 3rd world countries in most cases).

I forgot to add, the Gospel, brought us artistic people throughout the ages, so the Gospel, also brings the imagination to life, in a good and constructive way.

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I hate how simple the big corporations art is, it's so simple, it's stupid.

I don't mind simple art, but when it's so simple, it looks worse than a 5 year old could draw, barely any detail. Barely any creativity.

Corporations are hiring last artists, especially YouTubes stupid banners with the stupid looking people.

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9/11 marked a new decade of Governmental tyranny. And it continues today.

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Have you heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? If not read about him, a Christian man who fled Germany, then got convicted to go back and stand against Hitler, during the last years of his life, he and other Christians smuggled Jewish children out of Germany in carts, toolboxes and so on.

The Church as a whole failed Germany, when there was a Church service, they would be signing, and hear the cries of Jewish people on Trains go by, and instead of helping, they shouted "SING A LITTLE LOUDER!" and ignored them.

Want to know what's about to happen if the Church doesn't stand up? The same thing.

The Holocaust did happen, and like I said. I know it did, because in Russia, Stalin was also murdering millions in camps, it isn't impossible, and It did happen. It wasn't "staged".

Could you say the people who died in the Glulags were a "staged" event? No, because we have historical records. I know people who's parents survived the Holocaust. Have you heard of the hiding place? It was a real story, a Jewish family, later Christian if I remember correctly, stood against the Nazi's and hid other Jews in a secret room in their house untill the Gestapo found them.

Answer me this, was George Washington a racist or not? Well according to letters by his niece, he wasn't. And desired emancipation. But, a descendant of George Washington could say something completely the opposite. Similar to how you are espousing this woman said the Auschwitz liberation was a staged event. The so called Sister of Anne Frank.

I certainly don't take anything the mainstream History books say for granted, but I am also not stupid. And I know the Holocaust happened because of the people I met, and the Historical records we have, and the pictures of the Nazi's, who loved to photograph everything.

Killing millions of people in a few months isn't impossible, if Stalin could do it, so could Hitler. Not everyone was cremated, a lot were shot and left in piles of other bodies.

You underestimate the evil of men. And underestimate their ability to impute evil on a horrific scale, in a somewhat semi-technological time.

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Does it really matter if they are Jews? There's good Jews, bad Jews, bad Americans, good Americans, good Whites, bad Whites, good Blacks, bad Blacks, and so on.

And I agree, not being allowed to deny the Holocaust is wrong, people have a right to deny anything they want.

I for one, do believe the Holocaust happened, because Stalin's Gulags happened, which also killed Millions of people. And because there is evidence it happened.

But still, anyone has a right to deny the Holocaust. I think people who deny it are fools, but I'm not going to shut them up because of that.

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