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Such a weird Mario game.

Mostly because it wasn't originally a Mario game, it was an entirely different game re-skinned as a Mario title.

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In the movie "Interstellar", a character says that the Space Race was a U.S. ploy to bait the USSR into spending itself into bankruptcy building rockets it couldn't afford in order to draw the Cold War to an end. And that's sorta what happened.

Which I'm pretty sure was stated with an unspoken subtext that it was revisionist history designed to stop people from dreaming about the stars. World is falling apart, they're trying to get people to accept menial lives as a tool of a futile race of survival.

Which I believe it emphasized by the part where they then turn around and send a giant spaceship way beyond the moon and land on multiple planets.

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I doubt they limited themselves to just slaughtering Christians.

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There is certainly a benefit to stability and not having to repeat the application process.

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He was talking to me about 'my fake country'.

The only country I recognize as 'mine' is the US, so I don't know why I should be expected to consider any other country when someone talks about 'your [ ___ ] country'.

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"israel" didn't exist 100 years ago, that's a fact.

Are you saying that the Bible is a lie, or are you only specifically referencing exactly 100 years ago?

Islam has been around for 1400 years at least.

And how many countries did Islam ever naturally inhabit rather than taking them by force?

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You sound like a faggot, take your fake country and shove it up your ass.

'My fake country'?

You mean the US?

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The Muslims where there first, it's their land, I don't give a fuck further than that.

Islam didn't even exist as a thing until centuries after Jesus had come and gone and the Romans scattered the Jews to the winds of the world.

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I suspect a lot of them are secretly Muslims themselves and making the absolute most of those rules about being able to pretend you're not so long as it's in the name of Jihad.

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