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Again. I choose what can be demonstrated to be accurate. As stated multiple times and in a multitude of ways.

What can be demonstrated to be accurate can be demonstrated. It requires no choosing and it requires no appeals to personal belief.

The person is removed entirely, along with personal belief, when a proposition is demonstrated to be accurate. One’s acceptance of a proposition is irrelevant to the accuracy of what can be demonstrated.

What can be demonstrated to be accurate? That is the answer to what is knowably accurate.

Belief has no effect on the demonstrability of a claim.

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What can be demonstrated to be accurate? One doesn’t choose what can be demonstrated. The choosing is irrelevant to what is accurate.

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Jesus Christ. I can explain this to you again, but I can’t understand it for you.

I offered the fundamentals of basic critical thinking as it applies to claims.

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Answered previously and repeatedly.

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Addressed previously. Try reading comprehension.

Rejecting unbacked claims in old books concerning a Jewish book god who is appeased by death and blood and who commanded followers to slaughter infants and enslave virgin children, is the rejection of a belief. Not a belief.

In the same way not collecting stamps isn’t a hobby.

Simple onus probandi. Claims made without evidence may be rejected without evidence. The burden of proof does not lie with me concerning your personal belief. I don’t believe onus probandi is a useful tool for identifying ipse dixits. Ii know it is a demonstrably useful tool for identifying ipse dixits.

One doesn’t “believe” a hammer can be used to drive nails into wood. . One can “know” a hammer can be used to drive nails into wood. One can demonstrate a hammer and its existence as well as the capability as a useful tool. No personal belief is necessary.

I “know” the Hebrew book character offers demonstrably inferior moral instruction. It can be demonstrated to be so.

I “know” such a character is unworthy of belief or worship. It can be demonstrated to be so.

You are free and welcome to gobble it right up, though. Have at it.

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I never said, stated or claimed that people can’t believe in whatever they wish.

I would conclude you are talking in circles devoid of a point.

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You should put up a board and connect the dots with Polaroids and red string.

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Wtf? I make conclusions based on what can be demonstrated to be accurate backed by compelling evidence and sound reasoning.

One can make a conclusion about what can be demonstrated to be accurate without appealing to personal belief.

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Addressed previously, see above. A tu quoque attempt. Fun.

I condemn bullshit. One is free to believe bullshit. That is fine.

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Just like a tranny when one questions their gender bullshit. You are free to believe whatever you want. I am free to point at bullshit.

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The believer dips into its red herring fallacies. Relevance is a struggle.

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Disagreeing with bullshit is attacking a race. Okay, puss.

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This is an example of you seeing what you want to see. Confirmation bias.

I prefer “knowledge” over “belief.” Personal belief about reality has no effect on actual reality.

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By “targeting” you mean engage in discussion while the op flees like a bitch while hurling insult? Okay.

u/rapidmoe compiled the list.

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Happy to disagree with bullshit while pointing out a karma whore named after pubic hair.

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I am pointing out a karma farmer.

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Shout out to u/rapidmoe/

Updoot farmer. Playing Christians hard... ----- As CTspubichair ----- https://patriots.win/p/16bPQKlKEr/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16ami3ZZfa/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16amdMtVf1/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16amYlv45A/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTZw6X9t/great-news-jesus-is-still-lord-a/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTVMHaUd/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTVIqkIz/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTVFRI1x/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTVDAllr/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQdJLrr/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQYnPc9/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTM03IAO/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTLvWnkQ/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTLs6n6e/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTHJP9EX/jesus-christ-is-lord-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTHG13Gl/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTHCbJkG/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTH9B2Be/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTH9B2Bd/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTCaS0XK/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTCVvWaL/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTCSVnC2/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT7tnaky/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT7qNr63/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT7lrui7/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT3D7FAI/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT38bJNS/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/ https://patriots.win/p/16aT35B1YP/jesus-christ-is-lord-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aANDhEWX/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aANAIKPg/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aAIY9q1E/jesus-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aAITcWv3/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aAIQBxyx/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aADqLN9m/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aADpDFx5/jesus-is-lord-of-lords-and-king-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aADloc1Z/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA9D4lUd/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-saviour/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA99hVLD/jesus-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA95ATE0/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA4WQtPO/jesus-is-lord-/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA4RuPeo/jesus-christ-is-lord/ https://patriots.win/p/16aA4OSkr5/jesus-christ-is-lord/ ----- As CTspublichair ----- https://patriots.win/p/16aTQcBVFH/jesus-shall-deliver-us-to-salvat/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQfbn4G/jesus-shall-deliver-us-to-salvat/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQdJLKo/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQb4kgV/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/ https://patriots.win/p/16aTQgj5We/jesus-christ-is-lord-and-savior/

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I like it! I’m taking it… It is mine now.

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The fact that one of the parents standing by doesn't beat the pedo to the floor demonstrates the premise.

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So just appropriating other people's shit. So they are pirates.

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Any grown man in a costume is questionable.

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