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Makes you also thinks how much of the bias we’ve grown up with is funded or not.

(I know people who grew up in communist SSRs, so no need to instruct me how deeply bad an corrupt was/is communism)

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Serious question… what is always the fuck wrong with these trannies hair?

I mean, even a headshot from behind (ignoring the male pattern baldness) of the hair is enough to tell if that head belongs to a man or a woman.

Is it because of something specific in men’s hair? Or is it just because these woke alphabet mafia just have the poorest hygiene?

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Scanners can be as much technological as you want, but…

… until your average LaShonda Johnson of TSA “looks” at your luggage while doing her nails… that’s gonna be useless.

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Is that a space sign for ants? Make it bigger and maga-er!

Jokes aside, good job

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I can also look at “her” and tell that “she” is faking. What a coincidence!

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I also always look in the comments… that’s why I added my contribution.

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Of all her dumb stances, which honestly are not THAT many I respect to others, the pro UA is the one irking me and many people the most.

It’s symptomatic of the big picture: she’s doesn’t really have agency… she’s in the pocket of EU and NATO, like many other EU leaders (maybe minus Orbán and Le Pén) since WW2.

She’s faring well for now, but only because the situation was shit. She’s the tallest in a class of midgets, as we say.

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Feel free to state what I said in other threads, to cover for me when my timezone doesn’t allow me.

Meloni is just slightly better than what we used to have, but just because the previous governs were basically lgbtq and communists.

Meloni is like I don’t know… a young Murkowski. Or the daughter of Romney.

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The guard is right.

I mean, when it comes to soccer… USA-Wales is already gay enough.

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Once again… this clip is 4 years old.

Meloni is now quietly Biden’s and Der Leyen’e lap dog.

It’s the equivalent of a RINO.

Source: I live in Italiastan.

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  • and the comments mocking your delay in deleting yourself away get more likes than your best tweet.


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I am double tranny. I am an m2f and also f2m. Will I get double the amount?

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The leftist bots might win, and he will give the results without bots, as a parallelism with the real elections.

Also since even “losers” deserve a voice, he will reinstate 45/47.

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First thing to do if you happen to have a woke kid:

Show this example (and actually many others), give 24h ultimatum, then cut off all the pocket money / subscriptions / sheltering.

Provide the bare minimum required by law and decency of being a parent, kick them out the house.

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He will surely bring him back.

You think he is really meaning that “no”? Well, if that’s the case, SBF have some proposals for ya!

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Everyone on the Left, about this space faring multi billionaire:

“He is an idiot!”

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Of course I will take a taco, my legally immigrated self entrepreneur.

Enjoy the US freedoms, and, as a Trump voter yourself, remember to always defend them against the wokeism and the false songs of globalism.

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That’s from almost 4 years ago.

Now she fall already in line. She tried to send to Macron some migrants that were scooped up like a taxi in the Sicily sea, and he sent them back, and Italy accepted.

For now she is just a smoke show.

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When somebody points at the sky, the wise man looks for the moon, the fool stares at the finger.

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