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Especially the talk radio cuckservatives like Mark the Cuck Levin and Bongino!!!

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This. Ron DeSantis is a beta faggot who loves employer mandates on employees and lied to us in July and August when he told us the "vaxx" will prevent you from getting the wuflu and he blames us non-"vaxxed" for the rise in cases.

Fuck Ron the Faggot

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πŸŒπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€ πŸ”«πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸš€

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Why was Peter Doocy not the Faux News reporter to Trump? John Roberts (both the SCOTUS one and the Faux News reporter one) is a wanker.

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Well, if you 8th Army and 7th Air Force fuckers in South Korea stop raping Korean women, running over schoolchildren, and picking fights with locals in Seoul/Pyeontaek/Itaewon then maybe they would love you like they used to from the 1950s to 1980s.

Imagine if foreign military in America rape and kill American civilians and they don't get punished at all, even with a court martial. That is why those local Korean "thugs" kept protesting and rioting since the 1990s against the corrupt system the U.S. and SK govts had with each other.

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Yup. Meanwhile the "cuckssrvatives" in SK love that cultist nutjob former president Park Geun-hye who is currently serving 30 years in prison for embezzlement and corruption and treason. She is also the daughter of the old shitty SK dictator, Park Chung-hee, who was rightfully assassinated like the dog he was.

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Park Geun-hye OTOH was the daughter of the dictator fuckwad Park Chung-hee and Park Geun-hye was owned and paid off by a fucking shamanistic cult.

Also if you don't want "thugs" harassing you then why don't you 8th Army and 7th Air Force fuckers in South Korea stop raping Korean women, running over schoolchildren, and picking fights with locals in Seoul/Pyeontaek/Itaewon???

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Yes they would fall immediately. It makes you respect the Taiwanese OTOH who are not allowed to station a single American servicemember other than the embassy thanks to our govt and they have to buy all the U.S. weapons rather than them being given free shit weapons and blueprints like Israel, SK, and Japan are by us.

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Gonna get gubment bailouts like the airlines and Hollywood did last fall. They just have to file the paperwork with the gubment proving that they were good Dr. Mengele clones and they will get all their lost $$$ back from the gubment via Monopoly money.

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Of course Cucker got the 'vaxx'. Faux News has had a passport system and mandatory 'vaxxes' since March 2021

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You got it. FEMA camps or the Canadian equivalent are coming.

Alex Jones was right

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The only faggots who hate red flag laws are the "alphas" who love beating up their women and then cry when the govt takes their guns as a result. Then they claim that there is a conspiracy against all men.

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Yeah. I think bunch of libshits spamming here. Their tactics worked.

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Only chance you got is to elect a RINO in VA. Still better than McAuliffe. That "patriot" GOP gov candidate faggot in 2017 virtue signalled for the CSA treason flag and statues and he laughably got curbstomped in the election.

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whatever happened to hydroxychloroquine. too many faggots on the anti-'vaxx' side keep shilling for HCQ or IVM as if it is a wonder drug just because some Q-tard people on tiktok told them so.

we got a lot of retards on our side also. about a quarter of retards on our side believe that there is not only no china virus but they believe ALL VIRUSES don't exist. they follow their cult leader david icke's claims that all viruses don't exist and they are all a figment of our imagination HAHAHA

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