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This is absolutely beautiful! Nowhere is safe for the enemy now 😎😎

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BREAKING: AOC reports she has been killed

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This is just the start and only one angle. There is way more and It's getting bigger by the second! Check the livestream https://patriots.win/p/141FFEFYag/live-from-dc-defeat-the-mandate-/c/

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Unfortunately it's live stream and I couldn't get a better quality image.

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Making history here! Walking in the Dragons lair and no fear and doubt in anyone's eyes!

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YES! Elected RINOs over MAGA is just as bad or worse than Democrats.

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I'm approaching it like everything else. Cautiously optimistic. Trump has been attacked non-stop for the past 6 years. There is a chance he will be prepared for whatever attacks are coming. But if the site doesn't have full free speech like GAB, I believe it will crash and burn like Gettr.

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"BREAKING: CNN caught fat shaming, calls to Cancel CNN!" - CNN

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Yeah, I would like to know if this is official too. Unfortunately if it's any association with Kushner who was behind most of Trumps social media in the past, it's likely true.

Still, why hasn't any journalist simply asked Trump about it? It's been in contention for years.

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If Truth social has full free speech like GAB, it will have my full support too.

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Me too. A good source of news and opinions before I found this place.

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Another potential angle is like the 'Draft our daughters' meme. Why aren't there more 'women' competing with men? There is an ample supply of men who want to compete with women but not the other way round.

Could say something like, "Where are all the transmen in sports?! Clearly sexism and the patriarchy are preventing them from taking their rightful place (and getting rightfully knocked out)!"

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Did he offer insight as to how it will be done? I'm skeptical of course because they've been threatening it for decades and Taiwan has a powerful military of it's own that wouldn't defeat China but would cause serious damage in the event of an invasion and leave China victorious but very vulnerable. Even in this crazy new world, would they actually risk it?

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Hebrews 10:26 talks of “Willful sinning” which carries the idea of consciously and deliberately rejecting Christ. To know God’s way, to hear it preached, to study it, to count oneself among the faithful, and then to turn away is to become apostate. Sinning willfully carries with it the idea of sinning continually and deliberately. Such a person does not sin because of ignorance, nor is he carried away by momentary temptations he is too weak to resist. The wilful sinner sins because of an established way of thinking and acting which he has no desire to give up. The true believer, on the other hand, is one who lapses into sin and loses temporary fellowship with God. But he will eventually come back to God in repentance because his heavenly Father will continually woo and convict him until he can’t stay away any longer. The true apostate will continue to sin, deliberately, willingly and with abandon. John tells us that “No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him and he cannot sin, because he is born of God” (1 John 3:9).

Having turned his back on the truth, and with full knowledge choosing to willfully and continually sin, the apostate is then beyond salvation because he has rejected the one true sacrifice for sins: the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christ’s sacrifice is rejected, then all hope of salvation is gone. To turn away willfully from this sacrifice leaves no sacrifice; it leaves only sin, the penalty for which is eternal death.

TL:DR - This passage is not speaking of a believer who falls away, but rather someone who may claim to be a believer, but truly is not. Anyone who apostatizes is proving he never had genuine faith to begin with (1 John 2:19).

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"Complimentary Chopper Ride included!"

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If the Biden regime remains in power, the nation will continue to decay until there is nothing left.

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1776 is the only solution to 1984!

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Double agree. The message of Jesus transcends all. It is the question of eternity. "No weapon forged against you will prevail"

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Added to the list of traitors. The one and only advantage of Biden being installed has been revealing everyone for who they really are. Just a year or two ago, 30 Pence and Bitch McConnell among others were still predominantly considered good allies.

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I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.

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