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"Also Side note... Boss! We need more fences! Now! I'm scared"

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Actually maybe. But it is a double edged sword. It's existence means there is a chance an enemy candidate can get more votes than is normally possible within their own party. Like right now in Alaska, they are clearly only using it as they are hoping to combine the Dem votes with RINO votes to defeat MAGA Chewbacca. It also means they might not have to cheat as much. Just enough to trigger a run off.

However, If for example, it was an instance where MAGA and DINO could potentially be combined against a cheating Dem, the regime would be vehemently against it as they might have to cheat way more!

Or in the case of CANADA where apparently there are a million parties and Trudeau only squeezes through with a small percent of the votes because everyone is too divided between them all, it's pretty unlikely Trudeau would survive a combined vote.

But ultimately the goal is unity. Voting choice or not, if the vast majority is unified way beyond 50%, no combination can defeat it

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Agreed, they essentially had the element of surprise. They went with a fear campaign of unprecedented global scale. A great many really weren't ready for it.

If they pull something like this again. I don't think it will have anywhere near the same level of global impact/destruction as before.

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If they cancel the elections, wouldn't that destroy any and all pretence that their was ever a peaceful solution? At that point, civil war would be all that remained

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I too am real fucking sick of Trust the Fucking plan bullshit. It's as bad as Trust the science! You decipher if something is legitimate or right. You don't trust anything! Real Fucking basic

That being said, the actions of the FBI do appear to have backfired rather severely otherwise the Whitehouse wouldn't have disavowed their involvement. Trump support appears to be higher than ever. Assuming this is all accurate, or if it's all a big show, is it worth it to maintain this undeserving civility to the enemy? I personally think not. I believe enough people have figured out the truth and it is time to go on the war path but I could be wrong.

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As long as it's not information they can weaponise against you in advance, it might be a good idea to Kill two birds with one stone. Release information to the public and show more normies yet again the FBI/CIA's total corruption.

However, waiting months before going public? How stupid could you be?!


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Had to softball it as usual. None of them would ever survive an actual interview with serious follow-ups on their ridiculous scripted responses.

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Identity has not been released either meaning it's definitely not a white guy or someone the media can weaponise. It may very well be someone who was driven to suicide by the regime and wanted to send them a message

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But all U.S. lawmakers arriving in Taiwan today are all semiconductor industry investors. They'll be taking an additional serious loss if Taiwanese industry is disrupted by invasion as will many others. Is it worth it?

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I wonder what China will say this time. They just did training exercises after threatening doom and destruction when Pelosi went for her investment scheming last time.

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I'm glad to encounter another who speaks it :) I had plans to live in China a few years back... and was kinda naïve about a whole bunch of things. 臺灣和日本使用的繁體中文相當漂亮今は日本語の勉強に専念していますが :)

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Ok, so if someone gets 50% or more of the votes you win automatically? Ok I guess. But if nobody gets 50%, last place is eliminated and all your votes for them are transferred to whoever the voter put for second choice? Keep eliminating and transferring votes until someone gets 50%?

So, they are counting on it being a divided race between RINO Murkowski and MAGA Tshibaki? MAGA will get more votes but won't reach 50%... therefore last place (obviously a useless Dem) will be eliminated and all the Dem votes will be transferred to to a second choice and they are hoping enough Dems will have made Murkowski their second choice, on the grounds she is an obvious RINO? All the Dem votes will then push her over 50%?

Well that's insane! I would never pick a second choice if there was even the slightest chance my vote could be voided and transferred to an enemy candidate.

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Perhaps they are trying to provoke China into invading Taiwan since they pussied out last time.

Pelosi: "Here's the plan. I go to Taiwan. You get angry. Threaten invasion. I defy you and go anyway. Wait for me to leave then invade in 'retaliation'.

Xi: 很好。你真棒!

*A few moments later

Pelosi: "Why didn't you invade?!"

Xi: 我不知道?

Pelosi: sigh "fine I'll send more stooges. Get it right this time!"

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Idiot alert: how does ranked voting work? If the first choice drops out out of the race for some reason, does your vote get transferred to whoever you picked second and so on only at half value or something, whether it be R or D?

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Idiot alert: how does ranked voting work? If the first choice drops out out of the race for some reason, does your vote get transferred to whoever you picked second and so on only at half value or something?

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True. Someone could be stalling. It's the FBI after all. Took them almost a year to finally reveal what everyone already knew and could've verified extremely easily.

All they had to do was get the same gun, put blanks in it, and pull the hammer back exactly as Alec claimed and see what happens. Would have only taken a few minutes and wouldn't have even required disasembly.

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The NPCs know they can't attack or threaten you which leaves them with nothing as talking to you would require actual thinking which is a big no-no.

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Oh I feel you. Take absolutely nothing for granted. But anyway you spin this, the odds are stacked against them. They are playing Russian roulette on a mega scale.

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But an actual civil war would completely destroy them and Trump would resume power anyway.

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