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Chocolate isn't an essential food. In high amounts its basically poison.

I'd wager it's a secret operation. Could be offshoring, insurance fraud (company may have been haemorrhaging), front for laundering and/or secret archives, assassination even, using the explosion to erase all evidence.

One things for sure, it was no accident.

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Woah that was inspiring! You came up with that really fast

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In case anyone has forgotten who they truly stand with, here's a refresher from when they denied all evidence of election fraud with Mike Lindell:


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Flu cases were near zero. While Corona cases were at a bajillion. It is impossible to have a strategy so successful that the flu is basically wiped out but such a colossal failure that you have 100 times more corona cases than all countries combined.

Additionally California did much 'worse' than Florida and they had the highest restrictions in the country.

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Hmmm that's a good point. But how would it work? How would China, an ally of Russia make a deal with Ukraine, the enemy of their ally? Why is Zelensky completely opposed to negotiating with Russia but open to China?

Was this the plan all along? Put on a massive 'show' for a year, sacrificing hundreds of thousands of lives so China can sweep in at the last second, save the day and as your said solidify China and by proxy, Russia as the new supreme leaders?

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Trade offer: You give me billions of dollars and lots of good shit. In return, you get to virtual signal to all your friends!

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I wouldn't call him low energy. He got lots of good shit done for Florida. Real Estate costs are through the roof from so many flocking there.

It's just a total shame that he appears to have done it all for personal gains and he ultimately supports the establishment.

If he was 100% for the people, with the super majority in Florida, it could have become near perfect.

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Certainly not all. Maybe they are suggesting at least 1 was electric and started the reaction.

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This gives me a completey bananas idea: everyone come dressed as actual reporters! Everyone films everyone. Nobody can tell who is who. Pick random targets and have like a 1000 'reporters' pursue them endlessly leading the actual real fake news on wild goose chases. It'll be utter chaos achieving some level of disruption, making it a successful protest!

Best part is, the fake news will have a far more difficult task producing propoganda when all the footage will just look like filming themselves!!!

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I'm still not completely convinced DeSantis is the enemy. Just trying to be careful.

HOWEVER... the fact that the establishment endorsed him proves at minimum, they consider him the lesser of 2 evils. Either way it demonstrates Trump is the superior choice!

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True. No reason to care. I still wonder if he was multiple people as he was radically inconsistant in personality too.

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Speaking of which, if he really is some massive sleeper agent of soughts, does this mean we are admitting that Anaconda was actually right all along???

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And Leave your door wide open too incase they want to come and make an example out of you. They may get bored and just start picking people at random so be ready to comply except... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!!

This is their one and only play! They can't arrest or defeat everyone. Its not even close. They are outnumbered 1,000,000 to 1. They can only put down or make examples of a very small few to terrorise the rest. Why do you think they've been scheming for decades to try and have all the guns removed instead of just taking them? They are facing a sleeping lion.

So the ultimate answer all along: Insurrect, but do it for real! No half measures. If its too small it will be put down. Just a question of making it happen before its too late.

And before you start screaming, FED/larper etc. Just what other options do we have left on the table? Speak the Fuck up! Are you going to do nothing all the way up to when you are kneeling in a ditch about to have your head blown off or at some point are you gonna shoot back?

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If we won't even stop someone like that then where does it end and we draw a line? Eventually they won't even need excuses. They'll just start spinning the wheel and arresting people at random.

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Apparently this all started when DeSantis, declined to answer questions about whether he would challenge Trump for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

If he ran too, it would obviously split the vote when fighting fraud is already an enormous problem by itself.

Personally my mind isn't made up on this yet but If they were both on the same page, why not just say on the record he wouldn't run if Trumps running? Is there any reason not to be clear about that?

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The simple solution is if anyone decides they wanna start breaking stuff or engaging in mayhem etc., assume they are a FED and slam em to the ground.

If you are really keen, interrogate them on their true purpose because you'll guaranteed have plenty of people filming you and you could score some sweet viral footage too.

If we are going to engage in destruction, do so with purpose. Do not accept half measures.

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The greatest fear has been fear of arrest. The old 'make examples of a few to keep the peasants in submission'. They can't defeat everyone. It's not even remotely close. Otherwise they would have come for our guns and just taken them all a long time ago.

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Peaceful protest only works if there is a theat behind it. Seriously, under what circumstances can we win this peacefully, meaning overthrow the regime or simply prevent Trumps arrest? What would be the hypothetical scenario?

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Really? What was your exact comment? I'm yet to have any of my comments deleted and I've called for REVOLUTION I don't know how many times.

Tell me word for word and I'll post it too

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I wonder the same thing. She could've ended it much sooner and still had the desired effect that she'd gone all out. Many others gave up without even putting up a fight. Not that I seriously blame them, given the clear state of corruption.

It tells me that she still believes there is a chance she can win and of course its a testament to her sheer determination. Maybe it would be better to end the fight now and enter the next phase but I also can't say I disagree with her choice: NEVER GIVE UP! She's certainly inspired me and I'm sure continues to inspire many others with her will to keep fighting against near impossible odds.

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Yep! It's a great sign. Things aren't going well for them. The one and only reason they'd allow him back is because they seriously need the traffic. GIVE THEM NOTHING BUT TAKE FROM THEM EVERYTHING!

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