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Fags and other loser degenerates will downvote your but you're 100% right.

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Wtf is a lost lands? The world's lands are not lost. Our final frontiers are space and the ocean floors

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That and the smile with the humble words of we just can't seem to find it, trying to remain positive. It's a little too real and heartbreaking

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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, they rapin eerybody out here

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Gav is on censored.tv

Milo was at censored but wanted too much money for the views he brought.

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And by showing frumpetta and her cat ears how many people are buying a game vs watching good players? Good players make the game look good and gives the viewer something to strive for in their gameplay

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Can confirm. There are 2 unis and a college here and holy fuck the amount of faggots and men in dresses is insane.

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Eft community is a bunch of pussy faggots. I'm a top 1k player when it comes to kills and xp during my time playing and I can safely say that most players on tarkov have the mentality of 12 year old girls. They will call you any name they can think of but if you talk back you're the bully and they don't shut up.

I love the way tarkov feels and the customization, but the players are so fucking cucked.

90% of tarkov players also use gay anime pictures as their profile pictures because they're ashamed of how they really look. I tried to find a duo on the eft discord and ended up just playing alone because I'm not playing with some faggot anime addict.

I regularly have people attempt to shit talk my avatar because it's actually a picture of myself and it's just hilarious watching some mouth breathing cartoon dweeb try to muster up the courage to put together an attempt at a provocative statement. The best I've heard in over 3k hours of tarkov streamed is that I have a big chin.

It's so weird to me how cucked the eft community is when it's a Russian game. You would think they wouldn't be so sensitive, but they are.

We could also talk about how thirsty eft admins are and how they regularly promote egirls who play their game while being significantly below average in both looks and skills, meanwhile all of the other top 1k players I've actually played with just get ignored and never promoted. As a game company you would think that they'd have a priority on featuring their best players and not just some frumpy bitch with cat ears on.

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In the past 15 years? Only about 7%. Throughout history? Like 77%

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I wish I had bought equipment when it was cheaper. I'm in the silicone valley equivalent in Ontario and it's bad here. Almost everyone I see walking alone or driving is wearing a fucking muzzle.

Fuck bro, my one neighbour put a fucking mask on to check the bloody mail. People in SW Ontario are copies to those in NYC and California.

And the fat faggot Ford thinks he understands personal health when he can't even walk up a flight of stairs without being put on his ass for a fucking week. He's the type of clown to say shortness of breath after cardio is a sign of cv84.

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Fuck I skipped skill and now my shits retarded and my priorities are all fucked up. Don't be me.

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Congratulations you just added 10 years to your life!

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Go to a grocery store? Are you fucking retarded or just a downy? We can't do anything in Canada and our last chance to get food was delivery services. We can't shop for food or clothes, we can't work, we can't order food, can't go to the gym or go to the park. If you are pureblood here then you are being setup for the same treatment as jews in ww2. That's why the commies hate when you point out how evil they are. They don't want to be reminded how they are carbon copies of the nazis in the 30s.

Then again you are a handshake room temperature iq individual, so I expect nothing less.

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Fuck gab. They banned and blocked me for asking which platform to use 2 years ago. Torba is just as bad as everyone else. And while he continues to call others grifters and fakes he continues to do the exact same gameplay as them.

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More like 6 or 7%

But still well over 50

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Much, much worse. We have comedians being charged with "hate crimes" and other bs

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Ty for posting friend

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If it makes you feel any better most commercial planes can land themselves

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How can you have such a beard with twigs for arms

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