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pay attention to the username.

It's either a fan of failure, or, a glowie pretending.

My money is on glowie pretending, they do get paid to do this after all.

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Yeah, posts like this seem to be from people that want to "gotcha" post on other places about how gosh darned awful we are over here.

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Not really effective.

QR Codes have built in error correction and can easily handle a single dot.

The thing to do would be to put multiple dots at random so the error correction can't handle it and all it outputs is garbled text.

The better thing to do is print out your own QR codes at the same size as the ones in your local area and place them over the offending ones.

There's no requirement for a QR code to be a URL, you can also just have them as plain text.

Plaintext that can read fun things like "Trump Won Bigly" or whatever takes your fancy.

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Wheaton has been an asshole and abuser for decades, and he's never shied away from spouting socialist libtard garbage.

He's the type of "male ally feminist" that does it in the hopes women will like him, but inwardly he secretly seethes with his impotent rape fantasies.

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This is part of the lie that creates division.

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The communists have faith, it's the faith in their demon lord that they never publicly speak of.

They use the faith of others, and the absence of faith in some, to create division and hate.
They do this so that nobody looks at them while the world crumbles.
They make you look everywhere else but at them so they can avoid punishment for what they do.

Anytime there are two groups hostile to each other, there is a 3rd party encouraging them from the outside, today they are called communists, they have had many names throughout history.
They are always the ones who encourage others to bicker and fight so that they can profit from the outcome.

Be wary of those that encourage you to provoke violence towards others, while they speak poison in your ear, their hands are reaching for your wallet

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Communists infiltrating government, education and the military caused it.

You can blame the faithless all you want, but then you'd just be the willing pawn of the communists that want to push this blame shifting narrative

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That is similar to the Shopping Cart Theory of Civility

Civil society is built up from from the aggregate mass of little things that good minded people do because it's the right thing to do - whether people are watching or not.

Making a shitty burger, or allowing your staff to make a shitty burger is an indicator that a person doesn't care about the society they live in.

The response to this is: If a business demonstrates this lack of care, don't support them with your money.

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The key of this video is the bit where she details what to do

True change starts at your local Town Hall

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This entire narrative is being used to create division and conflict within the groups that support Kyle and what he did.

It's a libtard strategy to make us weaker, everyone who buys into it is allowing the libtard commies to use you the way they use children

People want to create division and conflict over dumbshit like this because suckers fall for it and spent time and energy fighting themselves instead of the communists trying to destroy us.

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A double bagger.

One for her, one for you in case hers falls off

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the second kind you note is called "soyence"

It's the type the soyboys like to read about while they eat their soy shakes with their soy burgers.

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she bounced off his car and hit (rolled) on the ground.

The coroner wrote the report in such a way as to make a case for the vehicle being responsible, ignoring the fact that fatass had just tried to run 10 feet which was the most likely cause of the coronary when paired with the stress of the situation.

I say fatass because she was massive, and had so many health issues from that that a balloon popping near her could have triggered it

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the internet has been very effective in memory holing what happened.

Fields was driving down a street and a mob started beating on his car unprovoked - he panicked and accelerated near a few people.
He went "fast" for a few hundred feet down a street, that is all.

Fatass got a very mild sideswipe and died of a heart attack because they were a giant fatass.
Fatass was walking down the street and not on the footpath because fatass was a retard and didn't understand how roads work.

After the event, the media and social media went into overdrive to change the narrative and make this about race, huwhite supremacy etc, when anybody there or watching online knows it was an angry mob of commies that attacked him.

I know this because I was watching the now vanished livestreams.

This guy is innocent, but because there is no video to exonerate him, or an online crowd of autists to engage in meme war to help him, his life is over.
They threw the death penalty at him to force him to plead guilty so they could then parade him around as warning to everyone.

The worst part of this is the glowies that set him up via media manipulation will do this to any of us the moment we become inconvenient

The cabal is doing everything it can to force a "white rage" indecent so that it can use the "white rage" event to justify government supported genocide.

It is a very curious coincidence that there was a deranged career criminal ready to go a few days after the Rittenhouse verdict.
Now watch as he gets released on low cost bail and every possible excuse is given to show he wasn't really at fault, it was some white conspiracy that manipulated him.

Just watch those little girls getting run over and tell me it was an accident.

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Pedo lives have no value.
A pedophile is someone who has taken action.

You can argue around it and diminish what they do and the damage they do to the world.

Ultimately people have choices to make, and whatever choice you make you hold the responsibility for it.

Ideas are just that, and there is no requirement that people express these ideas.
There is also no requirement that others accept these ideas if they are expressed.

People who call themselves MAP's are the type of people who are trying to normalize those monstrous behaviors and at no time should anyone allow the expression of those ideas to go unchallenged.

If someone does nothing about the ideas they have, then there is no harm.
But in no way should this ever be allowed to be used as a way to progressively excuse the abuse and rape of minors.

Zero tolerance, no acceptance, no forgiveness

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Imagine my shock that a hollywood elite would advocate for a pedophile...........

Pedo lives have no value.

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calling people like that anarchists is poisoning the well

They do it intentionally to sow division and conflict amongst allies

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If you're genuinely in fear of being murdered, why not exercise your 2nd amendment rights?

Once you've done that, exercise your 1st amendment rights to tell everyone why

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Any further investigation will just unearth the festering maggots in the DA's office

To keep thing going is just like pulling the thread on a knitted sweater, do it and it all comes undone.

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At this point I think the DA's office needs to be raided and all record seized to figure out wtf is going on there

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It's fun to trigger normies and make them waste hours writing comments that you'll never read

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That's kind of my point.

Even in a jurisdiction where there is a duty to retreat Kyle did all that could reasonably be expected of him.

To hold him to these standards in Wisconsin is to show how corrupt the DA office is and how political they operate.

Seems like a good time for some local people to make an issue and replace the DA office with those that understand what made America great.

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