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EVERYONE in the limelight should do this to EVERYONE in the Media!

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Heh, no American ships brought the 6% of slaves brought to the USA (94% brought to SA and the Caribbean) . Arabs, Jews, Europeans brought em here after bartering for them with the blacks along the coast. Also nearly as many were taken from the east coast of Africa to the Middle East.

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There's a Burly Tranny who rides the bus sometimes and he is quite outgoing and talkative in a redneck sort of way. Weird as shit, most are quite insecure.

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LOL Remember when SNL was actually funny and was doing these bits showing a fat person, dressed in neutral clothes and named Pat, Dana, Robin, etc...? Was a funny bit back then.

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I returned from living abroad in the fall of 2020 expecting to join the fight that I'd expected from the Christian community. Sadly, few pastors are interested in protecting their flocks, instead are telling them to ignore what's going on.

If/When the time comes, I'll do what I can to fight back. I'm a somewhat disabled senior but bought my first gun a few months back. I'd thought about going to DC for the Jan. 6th thing, but am glad I didn't. Those poor people seem to be the sacrificial lambs in all of this.

The Globalist Cabal hasn't played out their entire hand and will try and circumvent the election, and that will kick off the fun, or will be the end of freedom.

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I'm certainly no Alpha male, but I wasn't an Omega Man either. Now I'm just an old man trying to add a little humor.

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Those are also the men gonna get the Monkey Pox...

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Lets not forget the government handouts in addition.

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I knew a few fellows trapped that way, ended in divorce and Child Support.

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Yes, and the Liberal Care bears should worry about natural disasters like giant rocks hitting the Earth, the magnetic poles switching, and the Yellowstone Caldera erupting.

In the Orlando area there is a swampy area where an Artisan Well had to be capped off because people were stopping by to get the water. I have no idea why they thought it was healthy, it was that rotten egg-smelling sulfur water. Close by were 2 electronics plants that used to dump nasty solvents on the ground. That watter would probably make a person glow in the dark.

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I watched an interesting documentary regarding population of people where they followed a poor, a middle classed, and a rich family while discussing their family size.

In Tondo (Very poor area of Manila) they had 7 kids and were pregnant with 8th, didn't pay a nickel towards the child being born in the largest birthing center in the world. 400 a day being typical, and literally 4 women for each hospital bed. They had no TV...

Middle classed family was having their second and the guy is sweating bullets because its about 3K to have their baby delivered in a decent hospital.

The rich people, they didn't explain why, but I suspect their low number of children was due to having busy lives and more distractions.

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LOL yea... When I lived in the Philippines, I assumed they preferred pork to eat because that's what they want for every special occasion, but then I started asking them, and they actually prefer fish. Pigs are just convenient to cook and feed a lot of people.

China, I have heard prefer pork as their favorite animal to eat. I guess its because they have a lot more inland areas....

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