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Stop thinking you can beat them at their own game.

By playing with them, it legitimizes the nonsense. GOP is retarded to think they'll win any brownie points by co-sponsoring any such bill.

There should be no protected class except the US Citizen.

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Start understanding that everything that's going on isn't a mistake. These people hate you and want you to suffer every minute until you die a humiliating death.

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You don't seem to understand what "The Science" is. It is the same as "Our Democracy".

It's a malleable term for the "equitable" globalist society that homoglobo wants to fully realize. It seeks to reach into your pocket, shame you for your "privlege", isolate you for your beliefs, and punish you for daring to question the unholy marxofacist dictators that have been so thoughtfully installed by the megacorps.

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These people want you dead.

By simply living your life upholding traditional American values and expecting Government to operate under the principles that it was founded under, it threatens their system.

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My opinion of the establishment GOP is they are a bunch of Globalist hacks, hell bent on destroying this country just the same as Democrats, but LEAGALLY and obeying the speed limit.

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He's better than the alternative, however let this be an example that we are not out of the woods, still in a precarious situation and that one man will not save us.

We need to vigorously vet everyone on the ballot, the less connections a candidate has to establishment and especially establishment donors, the better. It will help us hold them more accountable.

Remember our shock as a satanist tranny won the Republican primary for sheriff somewhere in New England? That's mainly because so many voted on party affiliation only.

Keep snapping up local offices.

Keep trying to embed yourselves in election staff.

All the while, prepare for the worst where everything we do might not be enough.

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Just the state of Wisconsin going after the person who gave Kyle Rittenhouse the rifle.

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He is the Heir to the family fortune, the wealth of entire nations.

It's impossible to know how much they own, but just know that the US Federal Reserve is partly owned by that family.

To understand why people might have a problem with this, one of the ways that family amassed such a fortune was by funding both sides of numerous wars, owning and virtually all syndicated press.

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People get banned from HERE because people HERE call the people that get banned those words.

It is still effective.

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Because you'll be called words by blue checkmarks on twitter.

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Racially and religiously motivated terrorist attacks are classified as "right wing" regardless of the personal views and race of the perpetrators by "official sources" referenced by the FBI and media.

Now that you know that little tidbit, you can begin to see that even our own Government is muddying the waters of the very minor issue of white supremacy and artificially inflate attacks by conflating bad actors from across all groups.

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Shitposters keep trolling media with the identity of the suspect and the media keeps falling for it because they would love if Sam Hyde or someone that looks like him and especially someone that has a history of talking about things that Sam Hyde has talked about. They would all whip it out and start Toobin right there.

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If you don't think there aren't subversion campaigns on here or the other .win communities, you should pay closer attention to users that post every couple minutes over a period of 9 hours start getting abrasive about certain topics and companies.

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God is real and wants us to be happy.

I had a revelation as I stared at the album art when I first listened to Shadilay from P.E.P.E.

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On intl men's day.

The same day Biden got his shit pushed in.

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Every blue check on Twitter that defamed this young man should be sued into the gutter.

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It's kinda weird that every "western" nation has recently had an election where funky stuff happened, the "winner" ran under the slogan "Build Back Better", and are employing similar "public safety measures".

But don't worry, the jab doesn't have microchips in it. The Bolsheviks managed to slaughter millions a hundred years ago without any of the technology we already employ to identify and track dissidents.

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