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There's absolutely nothing wrong with two single people out on a date doing a little flirty-touchy in the theater after the lights went down.

Absolutely. Nothing. Fuck every hypocrite democrat clutching their pearls about it.

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"No more waiting around for congress"

(Proposes something that congress has to vote on)

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"Ohnooooes, people don't praise me for being a degenrate faggot ohnoooooooo"

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Please oh please stand by this

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The end of the fiscal year is coming up. They want to bloat their subscriber numbers in order to trick shareholders into not suing them for irresponsibility.

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Gaslighting is all that democrats know how to do.

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"Buy low sell high" only applies to things which will eventually gain value. Womp womp.

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Yeah, someone told her. And then her peer group, as well as "authority figures" such as feminist magazines, convinced her that anyone telling her the truth was evil. So she did the opposite of what they said out of spite. Tale as old as time.

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  1. People should be free to watch porn if they want to

  2. Stop watching porn, you fucking coomers

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What a gaslighting bitch. We're going after the abortion providers, seeking to make the service they provide illegal. She's framing the argument like we want to throw teenage girls in jail for having miscarriages, because she's a lying, gaslighting bitch.

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I'm not the one defending a maskhole.

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"oh no, a degenerate fetishist did some degenerate shit? how shocking!!"

People are so goddamn stupid these days

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Piss off and go wear a face diaper in your car alone some more

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LOL writers strike. Pathetic.

How's modern "writing" going? Well. How about that new Star Wars show? The one with not one but two female jedi protagonists? (and also a female sith antagonist lol) Well... episode 1 ends on a cliffhanger. Some chick gets stabbed through the sternum with a lightsaber. Obviously she's dead now, yeah:?

Nope. Episode 2 opens with her waking up in a hospital.

"""""WRITERS""""" lololol what talentless hack frauds. They should learn to code.

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