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Is the one on the left Pierre Polievre ?

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Or if that’s impossible don’t you it with the new estimation of the home. I have been obsessed with being debt free my whole life and owning a home and land. When I found out about property taxes I haven’t stopped being pissed off since.

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They usually try to call it “internalized homo phobia” and imply you’re a traitor for not going along with the crazy.

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And that’s another thing Elon is doing. Tesla was the first company I saw that did solar and a wall battery. Blew my mind because I was always told that solar was ineffective because you couldn’t store it.

When I build my dream homestead I’m definitely going to have solar with a battery

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The downvotes don’t censor the comment, everyone can still see it. It just shows that people went out of their way to disagree with the statement and downvote.

Up and downvotes are an indicator of larger opinion and can be an insight into manipulation, they’re not that important.

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Search for a mens clinic or TRT clinic in your area.

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I’m kind of agreeing with him about saying it’s weird how you think it is a choice. I can understand the people that say it is forced on them and it’s a form of brainwashing to be gay, but it seems like you’re saying you see men and women and chose women even though it was difficult?

Most men I know do not have difficulty in maintaining their heterosexuality.

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THAT is what I miss about society! Great sketch. My friends and I were like that when we were young, I was the only gay guy they knew and it was constant jokes and I was never offended. I’d give them tips with the ladies and we all got along. The internet before censorship was the Wild West and some couldn’t handle it, but most look back on it fondly.

I was never beaten up for being gay, so I don’t relate to what he mentioned about it bringing up painful memories. I’ve only ever been called a faggot in an intentionally cruel way by a homeless person so I didn’t give a fuck lol

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They don’t bother me and I’m in the same boat. I’ve had people kindly try to say on here that there’s a difference between gays and faggots, but there are so few it’s not worth pointing out. Any gay man who is a conservative knows that we’re severe outliers and almost everyone else in the alphabet soup is a degenerate.

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Yeah…I severely regret my username

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He’s saying the young conservatives are VERY conservative, compared to the slowmo-democrat that older conservatives are.

There are a lot more 2nd amendment absolutists now than there ever were with previous defenders. That has gained more popularity with younger generations than boomers.

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They’re trying to limit capacity of semiautomatic shotguns and rifles to 5 rounds. But it’s “if you’re under 21”.

If this passes they will use it as the reasoning why people over 21 don’t need more than 5 rounds, just like Canada.

This is all so fucking stupid.

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I agree, I’ve always liked listening to his show even if I scoff at some of the stuff they say. I personally think the real change was when he made a website and started getting paid by members $10+ per month. He was already rich from YouTube ads and super chats, but everything changed basically overnight when he started his own website.

You could say it’s selling out, or you could say he’s now comfortable stating his real opinion because he’s not solely reliant on YouTube for income. Same difference, but I’m really liking the outcome.

My main issue currently is that he interrupts genuinely good conversations because he doesn’t want to “derail” and then just reads out a news headline and changes the subject.

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Is there a risk of not producing your own T if you go on supplemental T? That’s what worries me about it, instead of encouraging eating meat and lifting heavy.

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Like what? This is a lot of words to say: “Oz good”. But you don’t say any of the fascinating or comforting results that you found by doing research.

State examples, please. There are plenty of things against him, and I don’t believe you.

I’ll give you specifics. -never said anything maga -never talked about conservatism or conservative values in his entire time of television -pro tranny -pro BLM and supported juicy in his anti-maga fake hate crime -Turkish Muslim, anti American and anti christian by default.

Those are just examples I’ve seen browsing here.

EDIT: I now see your comments are all just shilling for Dr Oz without ever saying anything specific other than “Trump endorsed him”

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Only if you specifically get iodized salt or table salt, and even then there’s hardly any in it, not enough to give you more than the bare minimum. I read a comment on here a few weeks ago about it and figured I’d try it, bought some Lugols iodine drops and just have a drop in the morning mixed with water.

Asthma curing wasn’t even mentioned as a potential benefit, it just completely went away. Supposedly there’s shit in bread and fluoride in water that blocks or competes with iodine uptake as well, so most people are way under recommended amount.

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Iodine got rid of my asthma almost instantly.

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It’s a diuretic so not actually that great for eating, but they are good for the lawn. Tap roots break up compacted soil and help to aerate. If you have heavy metals in the soil, they’ll suck it up but then you have to pull them to remove the heavy metals.

Otherwise they help add a bunch of calcium to the top soil.

Still don’t want to eat them though.

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I remember a while ago, people were saying to go with Gun Owners of America (GOA), is that still the better way to go?

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“The Up Together organization will be getting their cut of 10 percent for being the administrator for this program.“

Lmao it costs $100,000+ to send a check or deposit to 85 people? That shit can be automated in an hour tops. I hate this.

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Being rowdy with the boys ain’t gay and if you think it is, you haven’t had any male friends, or you’re gay. Since when did old videos of partying before you were a politician mean anything? Nobody gives a fuck, it’s never worked well, even against leftists. This childish smearing is so outdated and pathetic, I don’t actually believe it’s working on you. You either want him to be gay really badly, or you think that joking around with his buddies is enough to crucify him.

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