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I bet that's what Matt wants. Daily Wire would be a complete downgrade for Tucker. Hope he strikes out on his own.

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I understand her being cast in Hocus Pocus. Everything else felt incongruous and like she was forced on the public.

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Vince Gironda- He advocated the steak and eggs diet

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Homeowners are just tenants. Look at your deed.

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Very nice! Love the leaded glass windows above the cabinetry. Is there a dough proofing setting for the smaller oven?

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Radiation causes cancer.

Mammogram = irradiation of breast tissue.

Why don't they offer ultrasound as the initial test for screening.

Also, iodine/iodide helps protect exposure to radiation. Try finding USP grade in any sort of healthful quantity. It's no longer available at affordable prices.

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and homosexual "call boys" from Boys Town on midnight whitehouse tours, as reported by the Washington Times in 1989.

It was rumored that kidnapped children were funneled to the elite (Johnny Goesh)

The child prostitution in Houston was likely a boon for GW during his oil business days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KdAY_jppPk

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*It doesn't work that way.

There's a Standard of Care (SoC), and that's the consensus procedure for any pathology.

If you don't follow it, and the patient dies - whether you were "statistically" right or wrong - you face civil/criminal/personal penalties. So even if as a doctor, and you rightfully said "no vaccine", but the patient happens to die of COVID complications - you now can face criminal penalties.*

😄I don't think the "I was just following Standard of Care Orders" is a good enough defense. Nuremberg would agree

There are other options like 1) Quit 2) Learn to Code 3) Reform/Whistleblow

We didn't fall for the machinery in the medical system. Not only did she fall for it. She administered it and feels righteously justified doing so.

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BS. You don't know dick

Your wife is unable to critically think and investigate above and beyond what the medical orthodoxy and pharmaceutical reps tell her. She does not get to pretend to be the victim. If I were you, I'd be embarrassed to be married to her.

To redeem herself she Minimally needs to admit her stupidity and use her experience/credentials to fight the system enabled this all to happen. If she doesn't do a 180degree turn and get really honest with the public like the Frontline doctors or Dr. Robert Malone have, she is a complicit and evil sellout.

Explain to me how as a non-doctor I KNEW the MRNa was a not just inadvisable but downright dangerous clear back to before Trump was pushing the covid vax? (check my comment history)

I also KNEW that other vaccines have Toxic ingredients, adjuvants, and preservatives. I KNEW they can absolutely cause harm and injury. I started reading the package inserts from the manufactures(online), researching vaccine ingredients on the FDA website. This is because I was searching for answers on behalf of injured family members who were fucked over and lied to by big pharma and physician sell outs. Good people ruined because of money.

Do you know how many meds have been approved by your "Gold Standard FDA" later to be recalled for causing death and injury?

The days of people lending doctors extra credence for their opinions just because they are doctors is coming to an end. Thank God. I think the tide is turning and they will be scrutinized, avoided, held in suspicion and to account for their willful ignorance, pride, and greed.

As a general rule, If someone is being paid for the service they provide, it's best to take it with a grain of salt-- understanding they gain when you follow their advice. True for any industry paid per consult.

I've met honest people in business and they are always busy & successful because they do not compromise their integrity or turn a blind eye to make money. It's becoming unbelievably rare.

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Disagree. I've always thought adults who kiss kids on the mouth are weird.

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yah the explicit version makes it better, imo

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Flower just responded: 'Wow. That was a lot, and, God bless you, Marjorie Taylor Greene. If you truly believe that, I’m praying for you.'


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If you've used venmo recently, check your credit card statements for transaction fees above and beyond the 3% charged by your credit card company...

Apparently, venmo is now classifying payments via card as a cash advance.

I called my credit card company and they've recently received a ton of calls on venmo transaction fees. Visa removed my $10 transaction fee and I quickly paid my balance so I wouldn't continue to get daily interest charges on the $150 bridal shower gift I sent via venmo.🙄(I used it two weeks earlier with no fees- this shizz is new)

I've used venmo for the convenience of 'door dashing' business lunches, donations, and for easy business reimbursements with clients and colleagues.

My visa has been removed from my venmo account, I sent my balance to a charity, and closed my account today.

So annoying

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Golden age body builders for the win! (the pre-roid & pre-supplement ones, anyways) Vince promoted eggs, bacon, & steak for those needing cut fat and build muscle. No carbs. Interesting channel I've followed for awhile

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Shizz is about to kick off, imo. Last place they want to be is in DC

How many of you think there will actually be an election this November?

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The areas most at risk for a downturn are sunbelt areas and in the west. This vid shows some of the more urban areas doing well.

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