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Thank you for posting this. I was starting to think PDW flipped over to craziness…like Hank Johnson thought Guam would tip over and capsize

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Criminy, no offense, but I am too old for this Holocaust denial crap. I think I’m going have to take a pause from PDW for a while. Do you believe Hitler (including the Axis) exterminated 6 million Jews and an almost equal number of non-Jews during WWII? If not, please visit your local Holocaust Museum or respectfully walk through the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. P.S. I am half German and not Jewish.

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In that case, props to you! Sorry for being so dense!

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Please read a history book, handshake, and don’t be brainwashed by these nattering nabobs. You can still be saved. WWII really happened! My father (RIP) was a pilot in the Army Air Corps. His best friend, when he got home, was in the Navy. It was not a psyop. I repeat, WWII really happened. Go visit a retirement home or ask your Grandad if they knew any men and women who served.

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Ugh. Kanye needs to do a little visit to the Concentration Camps. General Eisenhower saw the atrocities of the Holocaust with his own eyes and knew the importance of photographic documentation (foresaw deniers). https://www.c-span.org/video/?297082-1/general-eisenhower-documentation-holocaust

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Just remember that Sundance at CTH is anti-DeSantis. That’s okay but, realistically, we have to keep our powder dry if Trump chooses DeSantis as a running mate. They may end up on the same team for POTUS & VPOTUS.

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Whatever the case, Nick sounds like a wise lawyer!

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Gorgeous! Wow! Great photo, pede!

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What if Trump is going to pick Ron as his running mate? Will you change your tune then? Honestly, it doesn’t matter it Trump/DeSantis were a team, if we don’t get the ballot harvesting fraud nipped in the bud, none of our stars will win!

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That’s before she “let herself go”

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Here is Don Lemon chastising a Jewish man because he won’t condemn President Trump for having a meal with Kanye (and, unknowingly, Nick F)… https://www.bizpacreview.com/2022/11/28/don-lemon-no-match-for-jewish-ex-trump-staffer-who-wont-give-him-the-answers-he-demands-1312805/

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