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I got mine to start mocking maskers and other covidiots. The psyop did damage for sure. But from what I see it exacerbated things that were already unhealthy like a lack of deep connections and passionate interests.

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Have high school and college age family members and have seen it in person, sadly. Hubby and I (early borderline gen x) have tried to be a good example and to teach them better values. But their parents and the system have taught them to be like this and we're fighting against that tide. =/

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Boomers are in their 70s and 80s now. These are the kids of late Gen X and early millennials.

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Government doesn't make hand sanitizer, masks, or ventilators either but President Trump made sure they got made when they were scarce.

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I've seen them make people violent and suicidal, all people who never had those tendencies before taking them. The data is out there for their role in many mass shootings and it's not difficult to find. You should also look into what happened during the original trials for Prozac, etc. It's a very disturbing rabbit hole. I don't doubt that they do help some people but that doesn't mean they work or have a benefit for everyone.

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Don't threaten me with a good time.

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When you're not getting any press so your PR agent comes up with a BS story to get you a headline. Bonus points for humble brag about respecting other cultures.

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Yeah whatever happened to Tammy? She was excellent.

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My mother lived in Paris for a few years in the 1950s while she was a culinary student at Maxim's. She saved many of her lovely frocks from that time and I often wore them as a vintage loving teenage punk chick in the 1970s and 1980s. She also showed me all of her photos of herself and her friends in Paris, and told me all the stories about the parties and events where those pictures were taken. And I am telling you that was not a nightgown it was a very average summer dress, similar to the ones from that time which all of her friends wore, and which I've worn myself.

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Nonsense. That is a normal summer shift dress. Search for Paris street photography (sometimes called candid documentary photography.) Include the years which interest you in your search. And you will see that this dress was quite normal and average summer fashion in the 1950s. Being a prostitute wasn't normal but the dress is average for the time period. Making up nonsense about fashion history makes you look dumb.

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Remembering it makes my skin crawl. Ironing real fabrics FTW.

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Yepper. Also, what did she do about contact with all the other germs out in the world before the coof? Nobody was wearing masks in the before times. Yet somehow she survived. 🤔

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Polyester was never fashionable, especially the types available at the time. It was cheap and ugly and gross and slimy to the touch. Its only advantage was that it was easy to wash which was why it was generally adopted for work uniforms.

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