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Yeah it's not a coincidence he suddenly made this video after Ye called him out

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The recount is not expected to change the outcome of the 3rd Congressional District race.

Well.... about that

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Are you a faggot? Do you have blue hair?

Because your comments history is screaming even louder than you scream "dAs raCiS"

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Well according to half, these people are FBI plants and the other half sees them as patriots

Stewert Rhodes never even entered the capitol and now he is going to die in jail. He is 57 years old and just got an estimated 20-year sentence and people age twice as fast in jail on average

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He has still said everything that isn't the word "concede" though, and now he's running for 2024, so 2020 is clearly not getting changed

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Mention Kraken and they will instantly call you a doomer lol

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We have got to realize that they are just making this shit up to fuck with us at this point, these variants don't exist

Ignore it and stop pinning it, not even the left cares anymore

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