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Again, I hope the chickens come home to roost all every single one of these leftists reap the benefits of what they support. The only problem is that the rest of us have to deal with it as well.

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Just think of how much worse it would have been if she wasn't vaxxed.

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Since this happened in N. VA, it's been on the news quite a bit. They've interviewed the dad a few times and then the mom (after the verdict). As a parent myself, most of the time you can tell good ones from bad ones. This situation is as clear as day. These parents are nothing but enablers who probably have never disciplined this kid once in his entire life.

This kid got lucky. And if he keeps this shit up, he's gonna get unlucky.

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Ahhh... another appointment based solely on "black vagina".

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Man, that's the truth. Years ago, I had an unrelenting cough and my primary was booked up so I went to the practice where my wife goes. Told the doctor my symptoms and he literally checked boxes on an ipad and when he hit submit, it came up with a diagnosis.

I came home, told my wife that I could do that myself, and asked why would she pay for something she could do at home on webMD. She said she doesn't see the docs, she sees the nurse practitioner who actually listens to her and has never busted out a tablet. Old school.

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I am all for lefists booooosting themselves into the afterlife.

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Fuck this bitch. So tired of seeing her empty words and complaining bullshit on twitter.

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Agreed. Gaetz needs to quit talking shit and motion to vacate.

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I think it hurts Trump more. Normies and moderates who don't like trump but know Biden's (Obama's) presidency has been a disaster can vote for RFK.

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I'm looking for something else to reference other than Nuremberg. Maybe one day before I die, we'll be talking about some place in the US the way we talk about Nuremberg.

Hey man, remember the Amarillo tribunals?

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I used to use Sylvania halogens in my kitchen, but they stopped making those and I bought all that I could when I found out they were no longer available. I drove 30 miles to pick up a contractor pack, LOL. About 2 years ago I used the last of them and had to go to LEDs. I bought the "best" dimmable LEDs and the appropriate dimmer switch. I hate those fucking things.

  1. They flicker a LOT. 2. They last less than my halogens, I've already replaced all of them once. Some twice. 3. I hate our government for getting involved in shit they don't need to get involved in. Just leave us alone and let the markets figure that stuff out.
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Cloward-Piven Plan.

Replacement / change demographics forever in their favor.

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Top Kek.

As an aside, one of my smoke detectors started chirping last night. I got up and thought "I'm not one of those people" and fixed it.

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Not even small towns. Dense suburbia as well. Within a 15 min drive, I have 2 Walmarts, 2 Home Depots, 2 Lowes, 3 Targets, and sooooo many chain groceries, restaurants, etc.

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