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I watched the crowder stream too but not until after RSBN Trump stream.

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No they're saying he defrauded the banks he took loans from (that he has already paid back in full) by valuing Mar-a-lago higher than it is worth.

Judge says it's worth 18m, but the houses on half an acre that aren't beach-front are selling for that much. Mar-a-lago is 40 times the acreage and is beach-front property. 720m would be a low estimate.

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As long as it's legal, you're fucking retarded if you give more money to the government than you have to.

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Where in the constitution does it say non-citizens have any rights?

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So what? It's illegal to enter the country illegally. Who cares if it's illegal to kick them out? GOP needs to grow a dick and balls.

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Fair enough. I'll retract my statements.

Thanks for the exposition, I enjoyed reading it.

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I saw the clip out of context and when I heard that I immediately thought "Wait, that means he fought for the Germans!"

For reference I am not a huge fan of non-fiction and I don't particularly like History as a subject either. But even I knew this.

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I'll concede to those points. Our difference is that I don't call those people Catholic. If the barrier to entry is simply claiming to be Catholic, that's no better than the left's definition of 'woman'.

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But the Catholics you know are?

Anecdotal evidence aside, the Catholic faith is extremely hierarchical and authoritarian in its structure. It also demands belief in totally absurd things. So why then would it be a surprise that most accept what the pope is saying?

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“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

(Leviticus 19:28)

My favorite Bible quote for people with Jesus tattoos

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Several. Everyone I know that went to Catholic school either came out as atheists or they came out as sheep.

I don't keep up with them, but I can't imagine them defying the Pope. They believe some wacky shit like the literal transformation of the blood/body of Christ and that level of absurdity requires blind faith in authority.

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Catholics are conditioned not to question authority. And if they do, they tend to cease being Catholic.

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Can you blame them for coming? They live in squalor (of their own making) and Europe/US offers them free shit.

The only way this stops is if they know it isn't worth it.

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They're fleeing the economies that they caused to fall into ruin because they are fucking retarded and their culture sucks.

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I have no degree and only a year of community college. I ignore education requirements when applying and I get interviews. Experience always trumps education. And you just need one opportunity to get it.

At my current job, I got hired as internal IT helpdesk, automated much of my more mundane tasks, and was promoted to sysadmin after a year.

The main focus of my resume is my experience and how varied my skills are. I know CSS, HTML, PHP, Powershell, C#, Photoshop, Linux command line, Java, Microsoft Office VB script, Excel formulas, MySQL, T-SQL, all completely self-taught.

If you are going the programming route, you just need to show them your projects. If they can download an app that you made, that is far more valuable than someone who has an expensive piece of paper from sitting at an indoctrination center to be lectured about womxyn and blacksis indijianus peepoles for 4 years.

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I became a techie because it was my calling. I'm naturally inclined to it. There are many in this field who are just book smart and do it because they heard it makes good money. I'm not like them.

And yeah, I do hate hard labor. That's why I respect it so much.

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I didn't get a burger at all. I ordered no pickles and I got no meat, no cheese, no onions, no ketchup, no mustard. Just two buns.

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My double cheese burger no pickles apparently identified as two buns nothing else. McDonald's is retarded, their employees are idiots, and even when their food is made well it sucks. They shouldn't be in business anymore.

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Everything they think is twisted and weird

For them, America is becoming a police state because some GOP lawmakers want to make it illegal to cut off your son's dick

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