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Interesting how welfare and financial aid can do handouts if it isn't accredited..

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She is a fascinating researcher. A true Truther for sure!

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Amazing Polly is a wonder at research.. Here is her newest video on this topic. Worth listening to.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/INEwR4nL7lRP/

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He took his advice from the DHS Misinformation board

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Honestly, I get uneasy vibes from him. I am not sure but he seems like a candidate as the antichrist. Like I said, I am unsure just watchful.

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A lot of these demons were on here yesterday and today. They down voted and spewed venom at prayer requests. Find comfort though, the enemy attacks the truth.

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Like I said, I understand. The comic is representing the essence of the Democratic Party and am not afraid of hurting feelings in the process of telling the truth. Truth is treason in an empire of lies and it has created a divide. This is a website of Patriots and fed up Americans who are fighting against Demonic Democrats. That is what this represents.

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The Left represent US like that! My father is black. What is your point? The truth is the truth. This has clearly served its purpose.

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I understand! But the left are the ones who amplified this divide.

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I guess I will let God be the judge of my heart.

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No. I do not think angels were there to keep this little one from drowning. Angels were there! Not a single sparrow falls from the sky outside of the will of God. No where in my statement did I say they were protecting. There was a Charge of angels present.

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I am so sorry! This is terrible and I will keep them in my prayers. Find comfort that there was a charge of angels around that little one.

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I wasn't being negative. He said that it was from last night and claimed I did not see it. Again, really not a big deal.

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