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Make an even bigger and brighter Griswald home this year!

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Satanists! I hope they open their eyes and see the light!

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Poor girl, she prolly has AIDS now =-(

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and he causes all small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark so he may buy or sell! Please brothers and sisters DO NOT TAKE IT! I am not saying this is IT but it is the precursor for sure. The Bible is clear that it will be in the right hand or forehead

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Finally!! I just want to see a girl fight! Our women will rip these Commies to shreds!

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I hope that they don't think that backing down from their positions is going to save them from their crimes against children... But I am enjoying these events..

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I am seriously at a loss for words...

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Yep! Otherwise, they would have painted White all over this one

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You have copper guy? I didn't know I needed one until now!

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I am totally for that however, I will be at the kids table and that might be a tricky one to explain.. The majority of my family are University professors and doctors so anything along questioning their "science" would be great! If you have any Ideas??

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Those options are great Ideas!!! I will be bringing a salad too.. so.. I might spell out something juicy with the onions!

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