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Exactly. Once it starts it'll be hell on earth.

MAD (mutually assured destruction) used to be a real deterrent. Not anymore I guess.

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YouTube did that thing again where they mark the video "for kids" so you can't save it.

I've seen it lots of times before on videos that are obviously NOT kid videos.

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They never mention the fact that replacement migration is considered genocide and therefore against all international laws.

Apparently, "It's okay when we do it" applies to their thinking on this issue, like so many other things.

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And everyone knows you can't get rid of cockroaches even with extreme radiation. Somebody decides to nuke DC she'll be the only thing left alive

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I knew before the bait even said a word it would be a male voice. That commie is flaming. Really obvious 😁

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I know some people who got one of those loans and it was a fantastic deal. Something like 3% fixed rate, lol.

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It is one of the most evil, despicable things imaginable and they do it with great fervor while laughing as our livelihoods and standard of living generations before us sacrificed everything for to bequeath to us is obliterated.

They're all psychopaths. The world is run by psychopaths. They just happen to be the most likely type to seek power over others and they grab that power every chance they get.

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I agree and would also add that I want them to denounce the stolen 2020 election.

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Yes. This regime is openly breaking the law concerning our border. Flaunting it, even.

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Sri Lanka is lit right now!

As for impeachment, I'm with Alex Jones' idea. He needs to be impeached for shutting off our oil.

Best grounds for it but I would add his treasonous invasion of our border too.

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He was bitching about Ron De Santis, I think.

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If he set out to destroy Twitter I'm good with that.

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Fastmandan always had a Texas flag next to his name and I thought they were the same person.

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I'm happy with using the website on mobile. Looks great and I won't forget the address.

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Yes, she's been a murderer for decades. Bill too.

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It's all because they need money from Larry Fink and he's determined to destroy America.

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