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First amendment is not absolute they say. ROPE

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lol 2022 0.27% to republicans, 451 dollars. Twitter was fucking INFESTED with sjws holy shit

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Uhhh if they were controlling twitter to delete opposition isn't this straight up a direct violation of the 1st amendment and impeachable as fuck?

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The case is not going to amount to anything. The government already declined to even make a counter argument. Nothing is going to happen, and hyping it up is just waiting for another failure. Spend your energy elsewhere.

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To be honest, I'm starting to wonder that if Kari Lake ends up getting shafted out of the governor spot, trump will just make her his VP. That'll send some leftists shrieking.

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Because some hacker is supposedly dropping their sex tape soon and it's gonna be everywhere. Prepare your bleach.

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Truth socials biggest problem is that its basically just politics, and it's mostly a right echo chamber. This means it's averse to the normies and has a limited audience. Truth social needs to expand into more categories to bring in the normie bucks.

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transparent cheating

still the same counties cheating

still win the house

trump still running



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Isn't there still the automatic recount? They can still pull shenanigans.

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Kek. It really is weird why everyone is so focused on height when now a days it means nothing. I always found that interesting.

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True, especially since its basically standard for men to be taller than women in society so you are pretty much not seen negatively. Poor short dudes get tons of shit from both men and women.

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Haha yeah you did. At least you aren't a man and 4'11, that would be suicide watch.

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You don't need to do anything that extreme, just do exactly what they do; harvest a rediculously shit ton of ballots and stuff them in the drop boxes. If they wanna cheat using the mail in ballots, utilize it and harvest them all.

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Are you female? females tend to be shorter but yeah it does sound like you got scammed pretty good. Height is like 80% genetics and 20% diet/sleep/excercise.

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He touched on it a bit, saying he wants to overhaul the entire system to go back to paper ballots and 1 day counting. For the fraud particularly though he's retruthed poso who said Trump will need the largest ballot harvesting operation in history if he is to win, so that's probably his plan to beat the fraud.

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Trump is 6'3 and I think Melania is 5'11 so baron will probably grow to be around 6'10 or so I would imagine. He's gonna be yuge.

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This is exactly what I was telling people before. If you can't beat the fraud, USE IT against them. Harvest every fucking ballot until every Trump county is 200% voter turnout. Overwhelm them with the same shit they use on us.

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A massive recession is coming. The world is about to take it in the ass even harder than the covid shit. If they brazenly steal it AGAIN i think people will snap.

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