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Ukraine said...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said...

I don't trust anything coming out of Ukraine from Ukraine or Zelensky. I'll wait until other sources confirm. For all we know could just be another Ukraine on Ukraine attack lol

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lol just wait until all the drug addicted homeless bums start using these as houses

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It's so interesting. If you ever bring up Kanye these days to anyone on the left they'll say: "Everything he says is automatically null because he's mentally unstable. He's bipolar. He's got all these really really bad mental health issues!"

But the guy seems pretty with it to me. The machine is 100% pushing this mental health issue with him because they want people to immediately discredit what he says without thinking about it.

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"If you love rounding up Uyghurs and systematically murdering them, then boy do I have a country you should use as a role model!" — Klaus Schwab

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Doubtful. Nobody seems to care. They're just going to go on living life and pretending that none of this ever happens.

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agreed. it's all theater. like that video early in the "war" when the landmine blew up the very obviously fake doll-human 45 feet perfectly vertically up into the air LOL

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PMs are the fucking worst. All tech companies need are good engineers to build great stuff

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take a hike you dirty, drunk c-u-next-tuesday!

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the noble savage is a myth. indians were some of the most violent, territorial, brutal people alive. sure, there were peaceful ones. but the majority were constantly at war and killing

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the comments on that twitter thread are hilarious. these leftist faggots are so afraid of work. they can't see the forest through the trees and realize that they're getting two incredibly viable options set before them.

  1. become part of a legitimate SaaS company and do something meaningful with your life

  2. take a THREE MONTH severance and walk (that's really generous, and if you can't find a job in 3 months you're a retard)

these goddamn people...such babies. welcome to the real world

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I worked for one of the SaaS companies for 5 years. You are so on the money with everything you just said. Painfully accurate

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Trump is the epitome of the American Dream. I love this video!

Take us back to a time when life was this good Don!!!

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he's the worst. everything he says is either A) dead wrong or B) retarded

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durrrrr the great reset is just a conspiracy theory durrrrrrrrrrr

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Nowhere in that 50 word article does it say anything about Poland being hit by Russian missiles lol

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It's neither of those. America is, always has been, and always will be a:

Constitutional Republic

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I've never heard of this actress, but just looked her up. Good God could they have picked an uglier woman? If they're going to force women into roles all the time they could at least be smoke shows. Excuse me while I go vomit and then never watch Indiana Jones 5

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