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As a Midwestern Protestant with Catholic friends, I can tell you that most of them don't respect nor look to the Pope for guidance.

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Exactly. This is the only significant part of the story. The rest of the story needs to be in the gossip column.

Living with two moms is bad enough and will twist her mind. Now traveling between two houses and living out of a suitcase will unnerve her even more.

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He's not so much of a plant as he is a complete coward.


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Shit, at the rate God is smiting them with the rigors of old age, not sure they'll be many left by 2025...

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Thanks ZeroHedge. I feel so much better after this worthless headline.

Her credentials, or lack thereof, aside: I mean, isn't this the primary responsibility of the VP?

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Na, fuck that. This is what needs to be happening 24/7. Make the RINOs and Leftists show their asses by voting against something like this.

Grandstanding is what MTG, McCarthy, et. al. are doing with impeachment and the like. Stick to the controversial, party line topics to raise money.

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Amen, especially the Judicial part. The process is the punishment.

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Well if they are really weird laws that people aren’t aware of even exist they won’t drive public opinion but in many cases they do drive public opinion.

You're, literally, proving my point. This law that I pointed out, and many others like them, were relevant at some point in time. Culture changed, and now they're irrelevant, even though the law still exists.

Look at how public opinion in America changed after gay marriage was legalized.

"legalized"... That's a cute way of saying "pushed through the courts ran by cowards too afraid to stand up for morality".

And, again, proving my point. They were only afraid to stand up to it because CULTURE had shifted public opinion, long before it was "legalized".

Laws are insignificant in comparison to culture.

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That's really what makes the hard right's objectives so hard to accomplish, because we're not just trying to drag leftists and liberals back to the past... We're also trying to drag the center-right conservatives back to the past and get them accustomed to the idea of knocking down everything the liberals have done.

That's cute.

Back here in reality, though, the "hard right" (your words, not mine...is this focus testing the new alternative to 'alt right'?) are fighting what you perceive to be a losing battle because humans are flawed, and are increasingly moving away from life decisions that are logic based, and moving toward life decisions that are emotion based.

Dopamine is a helluva drug....

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Ron Paul said it best, in regards to abortion:


We shouldn't strive to make abortion illegal. We should make abortion unthinkable.

Gotta change the culture.

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This is the way, folks.

  • First, record all conversations (if legal, otherwise, they'll run you through the judicial ringer, and it's not fun.). Just imagine how different this would go if we didn't have the video. School would put out their spin, media would run with it, and the family would get squashed.

  • Second, be a pain in the ass. That's not our wish, but if it comes down to fighting for your kid or your rights (or, in this case, both), don't shy away from it. Too many parents have capitulated because they were cowards and didn't want to be "THAT parent". Fuck your reputation, you only live one life, don't live it on your knees.

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I don't disagree that Hakim is full of shit, nor CNN bending over to help him project it. Nor am I a coward ala Rick Santorum, saying we should take the higher road, or some bullshit.

However, serious question: what do we expect to gain from this, besides riling up the base for fund raising? I'm all about the House "taking the fight" to Leftists. But why not spend it on something that can be productive?

Propose bills that remove spending from bureaucracy programs (EPA, CIA, FBI, you name it).

Propose bills that remove restrictions from 2A.

Do something that bears fruit!

"tHe SeNaTe WiLl NeVeR pAsS iT!", you say? Who gives a shit? They're never going to convict Biden either. At least proposing bills for votes make the authoritarians (R or D) show their asses when they vote against more freedom for us.

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I'd rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.

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Exactly. And, again, they can't see outside of their own bubble. If Leftists had this done to them, it'd devastate them, even if they knew they were innocent. That's what bugs them so much about "toxic masculinity" and the like.

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Leftists are so ignorant, can't see any perspective but their own. Headline translated:

This would mortify me! Why doesn't he feel ashamed?!?

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They also grasp for any "social causes" to give their empty lives purpose, since they have no other hardships.

Ding ding ding. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. People who overcome actual obstacles in their personal and professional life don't have to dream them up.

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