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Is that why when challenged in court they lost virtually every single time.

Personal example; I was fired illegally for not playing the masktard game in 2020, lawyer hired, didn't even make it to court, 12 month full paid salary plus $65k damage to my professional reputation. Full retirement and back pay.

Next example; I fell 16 ft from a tree stand last November. Broke my sternum, separated every rib on my left side, bruised heart, ripped muscle. Pretty serious right? Wife drove me to the hospital. Never even suggested I mask, only one nurse asked if I was vaxed and when they found out I wasn't not another word. Same with the ambulance ride and next hospital that I was transferred to better trauma team..

I live in communist as hell NY state. Half the shit I read here is bullshit.

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Also, it's a good day when you get tendies so knotted that internet points start going down on your entire history. Fucking hysterical 🤣

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Oh yes, because to actually follow let alone enforce that WHO bullshit "authority" would get shut down so fucking fast the Dumbs won't even attempt it.

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No they do not, it's ILLEGAL for ANY foreign entity to do so in the U.S.

Yet more bullshit being astroturfed here and other places. The fear porn needs to stop. Looking at you mods, thought you were going to start doing a better job?

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How about we start ignoring this very obvious phyops and stop ASTROTURFING THIS BULLSHIT MODS???

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Nice fobit hobbit reply. I smell a poser. And that's a really bad look...you fuckers stink.

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Really do tell, what unit were you in?

What you meant to say was, no one on poser civilian sites call them battle rifles.

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Yeah you're an idiot. Have a nice day pumpkin. Try not to trip over uncle daddy passed out on the front porch. You have to be a member of the White clan.


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LMAO! You're a kid that's for sure, blathering designer rounds like that you've seen on YT. Let me guess, Matt faggot is your favorite yt clown right? MOA at what range kid? 500 yrds? Easy done with an M1a, but why? I have a pre 64 Winchester model 70 300 win mag for long range. Oh and that gun? Yeah that's 1 of 25 known and worth more than the single wide shit box you live in.

Also have fun finding ammo for your fantasy plastic shit if you actually ever have to use it for your fantasies.

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Dude he's a VOATARD, best to not feed it with acknowledgment. Set task to ignore all from anaconda.

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There it is, that stereotypical ignorance. Bless your heart pumpkin.

Own 15 myself...no plasti-cool AR's though. I do own a real battle rifle, match grade M1a.

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Sure thing internet bad ass. I've seen "the south", meth central. Southern gun fire? More like Southern meth head clown show.

What's even funnier is anyone from above the Mason Dixon line gets insta-hired over anyone else 🤣. Why is that I wonder 🤔.

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Oh, you think war is "glorious". Definitely a civilian never been in harms way. It ain't fun or adventurous, it's shit pure unadulterated shit.

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Same, sorry to hear about your dog buddy. We rescue Wiemeraners, we've rescued 8 through the years. Had to say goodbye to many. Never gets easy, wouldn't trade any of it for anything knowing we gave those dogs the best years of their lives.

Nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.

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Sorry, ain't happening with all branches controlled by Dumbs, media controlled by Dumbs, 3/4 of the country's judicial system controlled by Dumbs.

Never happening....E-V-E-R.

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Nice fan fiction, trying out for the next Call of duty story author?

This is why I still come here, for the gold nuggets like this, hilarious!

That WHO bullshit making it's rounds here and GAB is so illegal in this country even the Dumbs wouldn't try it. It'll get shot down so fast it's not even funny.

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