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what a tool

so how many tanks APC and men have they lost invading that shithole again?

good grief, give it up man.

russia is a basket case led by an angry mentally unstable midget with some serious mommy issues

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the kenyan shut down our rocket productions ass wipe

not because we didn't have the technology.

we had to lead from behind, remember?

but then again, bots have no memory

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no he's a died in the wool commie

about as far from anti communist as you can get actually. He has and always will be a commie

I know you are a pUtin simp. ONly a pUtin simp would say pUtin is anti communist. Either that or you are seriously retarded or just on some bad trip or something.

now go gurgle his cock and balls like a good little faggot


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your first mistake is playing by their rules

next time head to the outskirts of the hood. snoop around, ask some questions, but not too in depth then they will think you are 5-0

you can get some amazing weaponry from the boyz in the hood. autos, sawed offs, you name it they can get or got it in stock.

stop playing by their rules, the criminals don't

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you need to read that as Turkey wants more $$$ from us before they agree

nothing more.

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women in power

that's the problem - too emotionally unstable

never should allowed them to vote

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what a fucking degenerate dysfunctional "family"

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is that his see eye aye pin??

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IDK about that.

Finland only uses a small percentage of Nat gas for power generation

russia, according to "unconfirmed sources" is cutting nat gas to finland, not power.

total bull shit post yet again


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the fact a post about a dictator can get 1100+ upvotes is very telling about the level of simping going on here lately

a Trump post got 5.

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i remember too when the car manufacturers were ordered by dot gov to make the "55" on the speedo larger and different color from the rest. I think carter did that.


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