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yet you say noting about the pUtin attacking critical infrastructure to include hospitals

so civilans are far game now?

good, hope you enojy it when we come and crush your skulls fag

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  • GA supreme court just ruled for elections to be early which only benefits one candidate and that isn't Heschel

so we lose another seat in seante

this guy and fucking quato

Fuck me they are making a mockery of us now

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yup, brilliant

and then sit back and watch us self-immolate working within the "justice" system to get, justice. Justice is now, officially, an oxymoron.

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but wait what about the TSA stip search and microwave xray cancer machines and all the screening

how'd that razor blade make it thru all the billions and billions of dollars we've spent on the worthless TSA since 2001

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allowing the CCP unfettered unopposed access now.

fucking cucks up in canada. enjoy your tyranny

freedom dies with a whimper.

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