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meanwhile a McDonald’s cheeseburger went from $0.39 to $2.49 in the same timeframe.

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He has the delta v, no reason he can’t launch their mowers with them.

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Starship is almost ready, I think he’s going to start bussing them to Venus.

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My client is due a refund of $28,000,000 in tax overpayments your honor.

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They don’t want it, they want a defensible border against NATO and the Dneiper has a long and successful history doing just that. “The Battle of the Dneiper” in WW2 clearly illustrates this.

If they took Western Ukraine then they’d be right back in the position of having an insecure border.

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Right under the part where the founders clarified that we are a democracy instead of a constitutional republic and where they specified that the most important part of being a democracy is the name of the party in power.

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all the conservative justices have taken fire for us.

Except Roberts, because he’s a kid fucking globalist and above reproach.

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The entire war was lost when the feint towards Kiev forced Ukraine to reposition all of its forces from the east. Russia swung back around and took the abandoned positions and reinforced them with air power and artillery.

since then Ukraine has just been shoveling their youth into a meat grinder.

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No, I got that. I meant souring the internet buying them before they’re gone.

I think Mike’s a great dude with a genuinely huge heart, and I pray for him and his family. He’s no stranger to tough times and he’s shown he’s not a quitter, but they’re hammering this dude. That said, they’re really fucking comfortable and not lumpy.

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Twitter is just going to get campaign statements and advertisements, his banter is going to be on his own platform. You might as well go where he is, but it will get reposted here and Twitter and gab anyway if you prefer.

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Don’t make me repeat my prior comment with a comma instead of a period

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That’s pretty doubtful, but if they do they’d mention it. Zero filters lol.

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I grew up on BBSs and early internet (pre-graphical) back in the late 80s all the way through its destruction by the World Wide Web —coupled by being an urban paramedic for a decade). If the things you see were the determining factor, I’d be in real trouble lol.

I just think children need guidance and protection more than sheltering — they’re going to get exposed someday, and I’d just rather be the one they talked to rather than one of their peers.

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Yep, and that’s why I gave my kids complete, unfettered, unfiltered access. I knew there was no way I could block it everywhere and further, even if successful they’d still be inundated when they turned 14 and parental rights online disappeared by law.

So I gave them full access. And talked to them openly and honestly. Any subject, no matter how uncomfortable, was an open discussion ranging from science to psychology and physiology and emphasizing my moral and religious beliefs and reasoning.

My kids have ultimately decided the internet isn’t that cool anyway and are more interested in books, sports, religion and hobbies. They’ve seen it all and we’ve discussed it by now, and they’ve become more spiritual and moral as time goes by as they’re able to see the downstream darkness.

Jury is still out with a few friends who took the restrictions approach — I still suspect human tendencies to towards things that have been hidden from them is going to be a real issue, right at an age where it becomes more awkward to talk to your parents about stuff like that. They’re great parents and great kids so I really hope I’m wrong in my expectations

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Not the guy you were responding to, but the rubber slide sandals are really comfortable too. They make a nocturnal piss walk across the tile in winter downright pleasant.

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No joke and not just boosting Mike, but the pillows really are very comfortable. Sheets are nice too, but not magic.

The rubber sandals though… holy shit.

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I used to subscribe because they do good work and are honest, but those demands to sign in to read just pissed me off so much I cancelled my membership (I use brave and never store credentials, so it was literally every time I clicked on a link). So yeah, it’s decidedly annoying

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