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You should've just said ''bro he supports Liz Cheney and wants to prosecute Trump supporters''

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Maybe he's openly rino because he knows he can't lose? They only pretend to be MAGA when it's necessary.

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It's not their fault, he was 2 faced before the election and changed when in office. Never elect young people. They care more about money.

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I am not from Texas, are we talking about the pirate Rino or is that later?

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You speak in words I don’t understand. I still don’t get it.

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It was never about health, it was a cult thing for dominance. You wearing that makes them feel superior over you.

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Yea so much pro abortion that he has 8 kids. I think he's not cool with abortion after 1st month.

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Holy shit are you guys dense or what? We literally voted for a guy in 2016 who had a tv show on CNBC.

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So you think it's a normal phenomenon that they just left the village and left everything behind. Come on that's stupid.

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Yes blue eyed Indians, they kept some women and raped them and had kids with them as they killed most men.

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That's bullshit, no proof of that was found. They just vanished. Why didn't they at least send word? Someone carved their name as a warning on that tree because they were taken by force.

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