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Does anyone else really fucking hate how he seriously said, "What say you to that?"

Like sheesh that made me more hateful than it should have. What smug fucking weirdo.

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Hey, guys.

I have a great idea.

Let's forget about it in a couple of days and post dumb memes and argue with each other when we lose more protections for our gun rights in a few months.

Then we can call anyone that wants to be active in any capacity beyond "voting" a glowie, and anyone that loses hope in our groups ability to make a difference a doomer.

Then we can all come back together again when the Qanons are getting riled up and laugh at them because they think there is a plan while we secretly all wish they were right because none of us can be bothered to do anything.

Since 2020 I think we are on about the 234th cycle of this now.

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A separate peace

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Lol I'm pretty sure there was a king of the hill episode about that

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As if humans can create tools with better attributes than humans have?

It is 100% possible we create an AI that is able to put new concepts together and use those concepts when applying them to our problems, and it is possible it can do that a rate much faster than we can. That is what we are seeing.

If I am making sense of what you are saying it is that you are thinking we can not program something better than our brain because we do not understand the brain.

I think this is incorrect because

humans have constantly created tools that had better attributes than our bodies possess. Your logic describes we'd never be able to make a plane because we can not fly.

Also because, you can have no real idea how close or not close we are to creating a tool that surpasses our mind due to at least two-factors. Your knowledge of neurology . Your knowledge of computer science.

Because your knowledge in these fields is so limited you have no awareness as to how close or still far away we are to making a tool that can potentially "think" like a human.

Also, you are making a huge error in assessing your definition of thinking and it seems that you are more upset that the AI is being described in a human like quality.
As far as I can tell the AI, is very powerful, it is not a simple chatbot. There is an obvious governor, limiter or otherwise censor on the ai available for public use.

However you can ask it to perform complex calculations verbally, such as linear programming calculations as well as expected value calculations, it can pull a decade of data from stock indices and compare them and contrast. It can understand complex topics such as how innovation (A) and planned obsolescence (B) are related to each other, identify the factors in which they are related and it can parallel that entire idea with the idea of life and death.

This is not a chatbot. It may not be a human and I am not arguing or will ever argue that it is / can be.

However, everyone needs to get ready because this is a powerful tool, a tool that actually can think faster than we can. I don't really care about splitting hairs as to how it accomplishes this.

But where we are now, it can by all means think faster than us.

Every one here dismissing what effect this will have for us in the coming decade is the same as the group that figured the Wright Brothers plane was a piece of shit.

Chatgpt is the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk and you are the idiot bawking at the paper because the plane only flew for 12 seconds.

The plain flew that's what mattered.

Chatgpt thinks faster than us. Thats what matters. It's very powerful. And should not be discounted.

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Yeah I don't hoard. It's hubris to assume you will survive.

Everyone wants to hoard 50,000 rounds and is just assuming they aren't going to be in the target zone.

My strategy is to have things that I can bootstrap back into society assuming i am able to survive certain time frames.

3 days survived? Great let's get water. 3 weeks survived? Awesome let's begin setting up sustainable food. 3 months survived? Awesome let's get the tools out and start expanding our shelter and exploring our territory Etc.

It will likely be very dr.STONE style if you have ever seen that show.

There is no point in hoarding three years worth of supplies

A) you die it goes to the wolves B) your a target before you consume it all C) it will still run out if you don't have the means to bootstrap a sustainable, cyclical life. D) Also, there does always remain the chance that everything does work out fine. Haha.

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Never had to deal with it any hard ass fathers.

But I never dealt with it because all the females prior to my wife had absent fathers.

Very interesting the one woman that has a father that was relatively nice and made some effort to just speak with me and get to know me was the woman that was the most " normal" and the one that I ended up deciding to marry.

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Whoa. Nice diversity chad with the black hair. Is this was inclusoon feels like. I felt like the Chad image actually represents me and my wife lol.

Hispanic Italian mix with a high fade and beard, with a 5'4 blonde thicc wife.

I'm only on slide one right now but we are heading to the bottom one!

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Hollllyyy shit.

I know you've lived there as well, or nearby.

Stinkadena and pasagetdowndena

Lol I was looking through this thread for my people. Hello pede

Burke rd/Crenshaw area here grew up in that town.

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Hell yeah. I was looking through the comments for this. You must have lived their or nearby.

I'm moved from that shithole as of a decade ago but still visit family once or twice a year.

Crenshaw, Fairmont Strawberry, Burke

My old stomping grounds lol.

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I grew up here. This is Pasadena Aka Stink-adena.

It's a big shit hole now. It was half a shit hole when I was a kid, but its definitely a shithole now.

Let it burn. We'll don't. Because it's good industry. But the city of Pasadena has become little Mexico.

I moved and I cringe when I visit my grandparents now. I wish they would move. It's cholotown now.

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Yeah maybe our energy has been lacking lately, not because we care too little but maybe because we care too much.

Energy was very different 2015-2016

It was almost masochistic.

Now we have started to take ourselves to seriously.

We used to have some chaotic energy as we approached our destruction. I think we all smiled sadistically on impulse when we heard Trump was running.

I still remember my knee-jerk reaction. I didn't take it seriously. Then after a few minutes I said to myself wow, that's crazy enough to work. Why don't we throw Trump in there? What do we really got to lose.

I know you all felt that way as well at least at some point.

We lost that chainsaw man energy.

Our goals have shifted. We are trying to change the world and are becoming bitter.

All we really need to focus on at this point is fucking with our opponents. There needs to be no further direction or instructions.

Simply mock and disrupt the woke the agenda and always choose acceleration of chaos.

Let go of self preservation and choose sadism and masochism.

Not only should we embody tankman. We should embody a version of tankman that can not be taken seriously. We don't need a melodramatic martyr. We need pure Pepe chaos that cant take itself seriously.

We used to have not the energy of tank man.

But the energy of tank man wearing a morphsuit while playing a kazoo.

That is the energy we used to embody.

It's been lost because we got too serious, batman.


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This is actually OG. Gangsta moves.

Hyping up that album.

Love it.

Please play mighty b in the doc while he gets on a plane while cuffed. It would be apotheotic.

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DeSantis supporters are all dumb boomers.

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he'll still get processed.

And you bet your ass they will do everything to pump these charges

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You are so right. I'll start spreading right away.

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Should we just open our doors and pull our pants down and bend over now? Or like.. do we at least wait until they knock?

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Because they are in jail is why we should protest. Jail hundreds, then thousands should protest. Jail thousands then tens of thousands should protest.

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They probably use AI and web scraping to assess sentiment, scrape to make basically word clouds, analyse ratios of phrases and keywords over a given number of comments.

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Well I don't think you are wrong.

But I think there is a way to solve the paradox. No half measures.

A protest accomplishes nothing. But the BLM riots had police cars backing up in the streets.

If we show up and protest there will saboteurs and disinfo. If we rush toward the torpedos so to speak and absolutely obliterate everything and force military intervention, then at least depicting everyone as insurrection or whatever names they want to call us would be accurate.

So far we with provide no resistance or we dip our toes in the water and get punished.

The one strategy that has yet to occur is introducing actual resistance that necessitates a response. And when that response occurs the camera need to know that it is no longer theatrics.

They threaten tanks and drones.

Maybe it is time to make them bring out the tanks and drones.

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Ran MMA for couple years just to learn and actually fight. No aspirwtions to go pro or anything.

This being said i am intermediate at best.

However your assessment of muay thai and boxing for standup is correct and is essentially what I do and where I focused a majority of my attention/drills.

Then a couple basic throws/take downs

And just yellow belt jiu jitsu.

I explain it often like this. Anyone who's done MMA for 3+ years could kick my ass, but they might pat me on the shoulder after the fight for m knowing what I'm trying to do, so I don't have a big head on my shoulders. Have been humbled many times.

However. I am confident I can absolutely handle myself against any untrained individual. The only people I would really worry about is anyone that absolutely outsized me* If they are in shape

If there is some 350lb biker fuck that thinks he is tough I will have him vomiting in 4 minute.

If it's a 6'5 Tyrone that can actually run 5mi. I'll probably be trying to not take that fight.

All this to say.

Pay money. Take actual MMA classes. Do it for like 6 months

Doesn't matter your age. Will help tremendously.

Guns aren't always around and also aren't always the tool for the job.

But being able to recognize someone is putting all their weight on their lead leg, baiting them to over commit to a punch, and then kicking their lead ankle out from under them is very valuable.

You have to actually drill and fight to recognize these things and do it on purpose.

Everyone has a plan until to thet get punched is less true the more trained you are.

I can max my heart rate and get punched and kicked and still have some sort of awareness as what I am doing for at least 4 - 5 minutes. Everyone is in deep water after that.

Point is. Muah thai, boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, pay to take actually MMA classes, it is worth it.

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Thank you for this. I do believe I have been exposed to excerpts of this.

I may in my free time do my thing to track down more snippets. If you do feel comfortable I have a protonmail I can share with you for a pdf of what you have. If not I understand.

Also. I have discussed John Titor with the new chatgpt-3. The conversation was immediately labeled as John titor hoax. However if you prompt the AI to provide you details in support of the theory it is pretty quick to give what seemed to me to be corrected responses. So it was interesting to me the AI does have John titor in it's dataset, however it is categorized as a hoax.

Fun stuff to play with if you get a spare moment.

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Yeah it all is different but not enough to matter. He described a pandemic involving mad cow disease Then civil unrest Civil war Then Russia dropped nukes on US During the civil war.

Those were the main points.

Was stated that obviously this was a different timeline etc etc. And he did say it could be prevented /delayed in this timeline or not happen at all, it depends. And ofc everyone in year 2000 in this timeline called bullshit.

But if you take his claim that the timelines are distinct and don't date fag for exact events every thing is mostly the same, just as he claimed. He claimed this timeline was close enough to his that he was able to utilize it for his mission but it was different and distinct enough he couldn't give exact dates of anything. And he also couldn't give exact dates because he personally didn't keep up with exact dates himself. He asked everyone if the they knew the lotto winner last month and why they should expect him to know the lotto at this point in time in a separate time line or something to that extent.

What has always kept this theory in the back of mind is that although certain details and date fags were "off" they weren't totally false.

He also stated basically that there would be wifi and explained 5g towers in terms we could understand in 1999. He also explained that people would use these to share video on small TV. Again essentially talking about YouTube and internet in year ,99 -2000 on message boards.

He said this would be how we communicated and shared information after the civil war/bombs dropped.

A few more details parallel nicely as well.

He basically stated that in his timeline in his time people "carried their own water" and that was repeated. This implies that a cultural value is to work hard to survive and at least carry your own weight.

This implies further by deduction that the inverse of this value was a critical point of contention. That many people were lazy and did not "carry their own water" after the war it all changed and cultural value of diligence and work ethic took precedence.

Don't forget that in '99-200 wokeness was not normalized like it is today. Titor was adamant about this carry your own water thing and he was also somewhat disgusted at the lack of awareness the people of the millennium in our timeline and warned that the lack of awareness is ultimately what drove the war in his timeline and essentially said that it could be prevented but he had little hope it would due to our extreme lack of dilligence and awareness.

It is hugely interesting and it is probably my favorite conspiracy. It's also been deinternetted as in it is much more obfuscated and hard to find the OG forum posts than it used to be. Which makes me believe it more.

Sorry for the long write up but I have to remind people from time to time that Titor seemed to have been correct in many ways. We ARE on a similar timeline. He was correct about that.

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Tree of liberty to be watered etc etc

We all knew where this was headed.

Any writing pedes / archive pedes have the ability to do group project and write a list of succinct grievances since 2020?

A well written piece of paper that describes the reasons will at least help the historians.

Also would be funny if it was signed in .win username

"... And these grievances hence setforth from us are now given formally to whom we have, with every benefit given, now presume to be a tyrant and domestic enemy of liberty.

Signed on this day,






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