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These people are nothing but actors.

They don't actually write laws, nor do they know what they are doing. That is for the bearcats in black suits.

These people are nothing more than spreaders of propaganda.

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What's even more strange about Mexico

First and foremost, the OP is correct.

But basically since this graph, the numbers have become MUCH more erratic.

They changed something, testing, reporting ... I dunno, but it looks radically different.


Look at the daily deaths

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Where exactly?

I lived in Marina Del Rey for a few years before picking up and moving to Lakeway, TX right before Covid.

Right there where Lincoln hits the 90 was the highest gas station I used to see.

Curious where this is ... exactly

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To be expected.

That is the Talibans country, we need to get over that fact and leave Afghanistan.

But you know that the media is going to ramp up the hatred and use this as a pretext to keep us there.

The company I own sells to all the big industry contractors. So at least I get rich while I watch them destroy America and the rest of the world!

Yippee ....

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Mine is at 72.

Forgive me if I don't believe a fucking word the media or government says

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(Puts on realist cap)

Doubt anything will come from this immediately.

In my opinion, our best hope is this shows how BS the system is and more states put even heavier checks and balances on voting from here on out.

If we get Wisconsin, Penn, Arizona, Florida and Georgia to halt their voting crap, we will win from here on out.

by Susurro
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Why are you still friends with these people?

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If Dems don't pass this, they are done

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F-15 total range is up near 3,500 miles.

It's what, 1,000 miles to the Gulf?

Could be, although there have been a number of unexplained explosions in Iran in the last few years.

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Even in the "worst case scenario" of nuclear warfare.

China will be gone, America will return to the red area voting people.

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He has been getting tougher to watch ....

And I have been a fan for a long time

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While I agree, my patience is wearing thin

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Every time I want to hate on what is going on with our military, I have to remind myself that it isn't the soldiers fault.

Yet, they better start opening up about what is going on or I will consider it another corrupted institution and nothing more.

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Had dinner with friends in downtown Monday night and saw the tents around city hall.

The people there are emancipated druggies and much worse.

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Yeah, almost all of what Ben wants is based on Israel

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This should make Wisconsin a solid red state from here on out

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Been trying to do the same lately.

It's like walking around in the Matrix, just like Morpheus said, a lot of these people aren't ready to be woken up.

When you do, even a little bit, it shatters their world.

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Good luck. The amount of people who have actual mental conditions in Hive Cities that vote blue is staggering.

From homelessness, Hollywood/media obsessed to "Woke" type people, you are LITERALLY considered a bad person to all of them.

Just left Los Angeles where I was spit on and called "White Boy" several times while simply biking by.

The cities are gone, let them die

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Yes I'm aware, it won't work. No one likes the Lincoln Project type people except Democrats.

I say good riddance.

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