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What a shit load of short sellers. Between that, ladder attack, the day after a 500% run, etc., I’m surprised this wasn’t crushed to $40-$50 range. Like GME (different across the board otherwiseI know), you have a ton of retail who are willing to sit and lose money just for the cause.

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I could make it hard.

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Alec Baldwin murdered her on purpose.

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Everyone should have known that you get in at $10 with a SPAC. There should have been a stock thread stickied immediately. There would have been millionaires here if we had any ability to organize whatsoever (always our problem). GME works in large part because of Superstonk and similar subreddits. It takes work and encouragement to overcome stock fuckery. Patriots are built to be the best at it, but we need more than a late ass thread to get it done. This extends to everything we try to do.

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He also waited until after hours to announce, allowing a lot of us to get in close to $10 (minimum price for SPACs) as soon as after hours opened. You couldn’t ask for better low risk high reward investment. Trump deserves a lot of fucking credit for doing this for us.

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We’re going to need a superstonk/WSB type of active community to even have a chance of carrying this out. Wsbets.win is not very active. The mods here probably don’t want us blamed for stock collusion, so difficult to organize and get the word out here. Plus we have lives where superstonk is full of Bernie bros who either don’t work or don’t want to work. Overcome these challenges and we can Diamond hand successfully.

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I can’t believe after GME that people didn’t immediately know what was going on today. Everyone just had to hold the line and lord knows where we’re trading at right now. You have to hand it to the cabal. They have sheep psychology down to an artform.

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At least 3 of the halts were baseless. They burned people chasing fomo and scared everyone enough to stop the run. Basically same story as always; the powers that be are corrupt and the cattle are stupid. Still made a killing the past two days, but damn normies catch on already.

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No shit. You can send them to a blue city and I’ll bet they’ll end up voting in a purple/red state anyway. This is a terrible issue to play kabuki theatre. Look what Reagan’s amnesty agreement did to us. Biden’s border will shit all over that.

The whole “we can’t do anything because we don’t have a majority” shit doesn’t fly anymore after watching Trump build a fucking wall in spite of illegal immigrant loving RINOs and dem house majority 2nd half. He consistently outmaneuvered and strong-armed even with his hands tied. Lol at the thought of any other GOP fagsac taking the same approach.

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I always sleep better with a big sausage in me.

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I imagine each gun going up my ass.

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