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Damn. I was hoping he wanted to do butt stuff with me. Oh well.

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Considering the amount of people we thought were good guys, it’s plausible he was duped by his own sources. I drink urine because I like the taste. It’s very straightforward. The establishment is not like that with most shit and you have to keep your head on a swivel for backstabbers constantly.

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As someone who has also sucked miles of cock like McKissick, I can see for certain that he’s desperate. I guess he forgot who he works for.

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I was cleaning cum out of my butthole this AM and came to this realization. Trump knows how to get the normies on board, even without media support, better than anyone.

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Finest cock on .win, maybe ever.

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Anyone who points that out as a negative is an islamophobe. Them is the rules.

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If everyone will DM me a dick pic, I'll make sure it gets to the glowies faster!

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I can fit a whole roll up my ass.

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You know he has to have a fantastic cock to do what he does.

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At the least, she will be punished for failure by whomever she serves if the audit exposes what we all know to be true. Like bread lines and buttholes, I consider that a good thing.

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