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Racine has some of the BEST bathhouses in the business. The complimentary butthole bandages were a nice touch.

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Bullshit theatre. Ducey could have done this at any point past 2 years. And at least tried to stop election fraud.

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Boomers were literally the duck and cover generation. That ingrained fear paid off immensely for globo when it was Covid time. Education may not have always featured woke math. But it didn't take long for McCarthyism to become a key focus of high school curriculum.. Around the same time parents were psy-op'd into outrage over their kids coming home with "pro-communist" book 1984, likely given to them by a teacher (who probably actually was a communist) completely unaware that Stalin had banned the book in Russia for being anti-communist. That is some high quality mental fuckery even by today's standards. So yeah, the slow boil is real.. and most everyone alive today was exposed to indoctrination and training from childhood.

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I'm with you on the general playout. I think impeachment is a better uniparty play though for the reasons u/talltellmanson laid out. Stoking the R vs. D fire among the normies keeps people in "go home team no matter what" mode, which is the ultimate deterrent to internal dialogue. You also reduce the pressure on heels up, who gets to come in as the underdog. Biden goes down a martyr. Uniparty turn taking game goes on.

I suppose the Biden stepdown strategy could work if they went with dementia. Stage a very public Biden dementia-induced meltdown during the SOTU on live TV. GOPe says we will always love Trump, but can we really risk nominating a 78 year old candidate after that traumatic experience? Just spitballing here..

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Exactly right. Biden impeachment is purely controlled opposition strategy.

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Nah, FBI raided that one too. That story went poof.

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Hoover would know about that.

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Your post history doesn’t glow so I’m assuming your good faith. Don’t let me misrepresent you if I’m wrong here… You want ‘forceful’ action, rightfully believing that our government is corrupt to its core and irredeemable by conventional methods, such as voting.

There are a patriots who agree with you to most extents, but understand the process of every single modern color revolution follows the exact same playbook, including the key ingredient of political violence and civil upheaval following intense demoralization. Pacification hardly helps globo achieve their goals. So it stands to reason they may look upon your posts with suspicion knowing that glowies have a proven documented record of this shit on forums. Take pol for instance.. they just need one loon to read their shit and take action.

On the other end. you feel that those who actively thwart your calls to action are silencers and pacifiers. So both believe the other to be bad actors.. I’m not sure how to bridge that gap. I would propose that your approach isn’t going to be effective in rallying your fellow patriots. It is not illogical or deranged to want to keep calls to action off of an online forum, or be suspect of those engaging in it. You’re certainly not going to demoralize anyone into adopting your stance.

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You demoralizers aren’t getting the same results are you? We’re winning maga primaries. You just keep whining and praying someone with a maga hat does a bad thing so you can get your 1/6 part 2. Tired old game.

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I also like getting fucked in the ass. Don't listen to these maga clowns. They're too busy making love to their beautiful wives that have vaginas and shooting their guns. They wouldn't understand people like me and you. Let's exchange butthole pics.

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It doesn’t seem to be pushing the needle much anymore. I don’t know if the normies are fatigued or what… I’d like to think somewhere deep down they’re starting to realize the conspiracy theorists (or the normie idea of one since covid) were right about everything, or at least far more than the experts they put their faith in.

Imagine how shitty that must feel. The people you regarded as stupid loons were smarter than you all along; whilst you wasted countless hours of your life watching the news and thinking yourself educated because of it. They’ll never admit it… but you can damn sure feel it now in a lot of them.

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I watch naked dudes all the time. I love shower time at the gym especially.

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That’s a just question. But I’ve been taking realistic doses of hopium after the recent Maga primary victories. God may not be done with this great country quite yet.

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