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It kinda sucks that Dan had so much potential to help us move away from status quo politics, yet instead he’s on the front lines pushing for it.

Another one bites the dust. Whoever co-opts these people, and blackmails them to do their bidding, is pretty fucking good at their job.

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That’s crazy.

I had an email from our COO/Legal this morning that read like a sigh of relief when they announced they’ll be doing nothing unless the mandates are reinstated.

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Yep, we should be thankful that a lot of these guys are here screaming into the void instead of publicly making us all look like fuckheads.

The left hates Tulsi just as much as we do, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of this venom is coming from their shill accounts. It’s kinda funny how contentious the discussions get over her simply saying something we can agree with. Pretty weird that is.

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“Wow, Tulsi can say sensible things sometim…” “STOP SIMPING FOR HER YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!1”

The people screeching about the “simping” are the ones who look like dumbasses here. So much projection going on.

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when she was being groomed at the WEF.

Lol. She wasn’t groomed at the WEF. Somebody at the WEF made a “top ten list” of young leaders and she made the cut. No “grooming” was necessary.

Still, she got picked for the list, so she’s obviously doing things the WEF likes, but that’s far different than what you’re claiming.

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Too many dumbfucks think that if you agree with a single thing somebody says then it’s because you want to fuck them. Or if you’re AOC, you think that if people criticize you it’s because they want to fuck you.

There’s a whole lot of subliminal fucking going on it seems.

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People like you give them justification for their ”us vs them” attitude. Black families used to have stronger bonds than white ones, for obvious reasons, but you can thank the government for fucking that all up.

Things don’t happen in a vacuum. This doesn’t exonerate the black community, and the solutions to their problems must come from within it, but they didn’t get there by themselves.

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LED TVs are super light these days. I can hang my 61” screen by myself. The old plasma we used to have took two of us and a lot of cursing, lol.

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According to the link posted, Maxwell’s company didn’t buy Macmillan until 1989. Probably a bit late to influence books published 4-5 decades before.

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C’mon Orlando, as a power poster you should know this is fake by now.

We know she thought it, but she never actually tweeted this.

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Well, if we had to have a bedfellow from the Dems then Sinema isn’t too bad of a pick. At least we didn’t end up with Pelosi, lol.

Pelosi’s the kind of woman that when you wake up in bed with her the next morning after a bender, and she’s sleeping on your arm, you gnaw your arm off to keep from waking her up while you make your escape.

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You don’t even know what “controlled opposition” is, if you think this is it, so you can stop repeating it over and over. We got it the first time.

It’s called she can remember back a few years, and how bad things went for the Democrats after Reid fucked with the filibuster. Same with Manchin. The rest are too stupid and only want immediate gratification.

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We shouldn’t be discouraging people from voting. Nowadays voting is the bare minimum we have to do, but we still have to do it, or all our other efforts would be pointless and stupid.

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Based doesn’t mean “they agree with me on everything.”

It means they’re genuine. We may not agree with her on much, but her head’s in the right place, even if she’s reached different conclusions on key issues.

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A little fun fact, Nena is one of the few artists who has reached number one on the American Billboard charts with both the English and Foreign version of their single. 99 Red Balloons hit first, then 99 Luftballoons hit number one a few weeks later.

Personally I like the German version better. Go figure?

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Except they don’t own the land.

What they do is the IRS seizes it, and auctions it off, to pay the back taxes. They don’t give a fuck about your land at all, they just want their money, and they’ll sell your land to get it. Heck, they’ll sell off all your assets if your bill is high enough.

So they’re not really “reclaiming ownership,” as some like to believe, because they could care less about the land, it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

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Meh, we MAGA guys have a few inches to spare anyway. I’ve had Covid, and haven’t had any complaints from my wife, so I think everything is still in order.

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Uh, I like to be as melodramatic as the next guy, but a few empty shelves isn’t a “famine.” Famine is prolonged, widespread starvation.

Our supply chains are finely tuned, and it doesn’t take much to disrupt them. I know Biden’s fucking up the supply chain, but we’re a loooong way off from a famine, lol.

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Oh no, hundreds of doctors?! HUNDREDS!

Well, we have around 986,000 licensed physicians in the US, so even if it’s 1,000 doctors signing that letter, it’s still such a small number that their letter isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Come back when it’s a couple-hundred-thousand and maybe we’ll talk.

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perfectly fine

…so far.

Just because you don’t keel over immediately doesn’t mean it can’t cause problems down the road. We’re in uncharted territory, because phase two clinical testing isn’t usually conducted on the global population.

Agent Orange didn’t kill people immediately either, but twenty years later it was fucking up a lot of Vietnam Vets. We won’t find out until we get there.

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