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Yeah, they invalidated 200,000 out of the 715,000 signatures collected. To qualify for a recall election in California you have to have at least 5% (IIRC) of the voters who voted in the last election sign the petition. Since this is a LA County position they only had to gather 5% of the county voters.

That being said there’s a lot of room for shenanigans, including signature gatherers who get paid by the signature and forge names a lot. They have a direct incentive to do it. One of the signature gatherers here in California a few years back turned in so many fraudulent signatures that they got sued by the people funding the ballot proposition.

But yeah, there’s no such thing as fair politics in LA County.

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The best part about this meme is it’s a total “female” burn too. Nice.

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Many of the Hispanics I know come from families that have been in California since before it was a state. The Mexicans and Russians both have deep roots in California.

“LatinX” is what woke them all up. Seriously. In Spanish the “X” is literally crossing out the genders, and they tend to be far more traditional (and conservative) than many whites I know.

That’s when they said “nope” and started looking at the other guy, then figured out that’s where they wanted to be. That’s why being the “good” option in the culture war is much better than being the “slightly-less-shitty” option that many seem to want us to devolve into.

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It’s actually just one, they need purpose and responsibility.

All four of those images are related.

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So the dude is gay, but the “most obvious” place he caught monkeypox was from hugging his dog?

My guess is it was from the anonymous dude he sucked off in the park bathroom that morning, but then again I dunno what kind of relationship he has with his dog either. Yikes.

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I have an idea, why don’t you just shove a Jew up your ass so it tickles your taint like a gerbil, and then maybe you’ll shut the fuck up about them.

It never fails, no matter what conversation is occurring you mouth-breathers have to bring up the Jews. That’s all you dumbfucks think about, and the rest of us are really fucking tired of hearing your stupid takes.

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The way his luck was going I halfway expected him to jump for joy at the end, right into the rotating chopper blades.

Either they’re not doing a very good job hiding this anymore, or it’s gotten so bad there’s no way to hide it anymore. I vote for both.

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So we've gone from owning firearms as an exercise of our 2A rights, to just being posers if we're not icing commies on the daily?

Oooookay then. You're definitely stable.

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They started one recount in either Michigan or Wisconsin, I think it was, funded by Jill Stein, who collected a few million $ from desperate leftists for the recount (cha-Ching).

Hillary ended it when GEOTUS kept gaining more and more votes, while her and Stein kept losing votes.

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Bernie is easy to bag on, because he’s such a cuck, but deep down he still tries to stand up for the little guy and he knows inflation is destroying his constituents. The poors.

Being a reformed BernieBro myself, there’s a reason he has so much grassroots support from the people, just like GEOTUS, and it’s because he genuinely seems to care. Of course he was a lot different back in 2015, before he cucked out and kissed the ring, so he mostly just annoys me these days.

On the bright side, if he hadn’t pussied out and sold his supporters up the river, I might never have woken up. There’s always a silver lining in every cloud.

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The only good thing communism ever produced. Very nice.

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In my experience women prefer a man who’s slightly aloof, and not fully “there” all the time, because women gain satisfaction out of “grounding” men. It keeps them interested, so being too try-hard in keeping them happy can actually be counterproductive, like you mention.

Of course you don’t want to drive them into full-blown insecurity mode, but at the same time the risk of loss always makes the possession that much sweeter.

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You notice they don’t show it next to a normal 8-day old mouse embryo, because that “synthetic embryo” is just a bubble of growing guts, it’s not something that would eventually turn into an actual organism.

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I’m not sure what to think of Nancy’s trip.

The weird part is that right afterward her husband liquidated all their microprocessor stocks at a significant loss.

So if she went there intending to gain some kind of leverage, she was up against a power far greater than her own. Whatever happened was enough for them to piss away a few million bucks and wash their hands of the whole affair.

I’m pretty sure a China takeover is imminent, and that’s going to tank microprocessor stocks, and electronics in general, across the entire market, because you can’t sell shit if you can’t get parts.

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Gotta be careful with the peroxide. Oxidizing the wound also kills off living tissue, which could actually make the potential for infection greater than without it.

I usually just get a good bleed going to cleanse the wound, then wash and dress it. Thankfully I don’t cut myself that often.

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The conclusion you could also draw is that people who put their faith in medicine will always look to medicine for answers. Basically people in those groups won’t be diagnosed with as many of those ailments on average for the simple fact that they never go to the doctor.

But yeah, after this Covid and vaxx fiasco I’m a lot more skeptical of the medical industry than I used to be. The medical and scientific communities eroded a lot of trust in those institutions over the past couple of years that’ll take a lot of time to earn back.

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IMO the “autism” pandemic doesn’t even exist. It’s just the new ADHD, with doctors misdiagnosing tens of thousands of socially maladjusted children with a loosely defined ailment (the “spectrum”), just so their helicopter parents can feel better about their child not being perfect.

They did the same thing to little boys with ADHD, just because they didn’t act like little girls. We drugged a generation of children (going on two now) because parents won’t just let their kids be kids, they want them to be perfectly-behaved little robots that they can brag about on social media.

One of my friends when I was younger was diagnosed with ADHD, and got drugged up by the docs, but once he graduated college and got off Ritalin he became a money-making machine. His brain just moved too fast for school, so he had a hard time concentrating on what was right in front of him. However it works perfectly in fast-paced, rapid-response marketing, where he ended up.

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In the electronic age, yes they can.

Lots of people have thought they could take on the IRS, when the IRS is so impenetrable they’ve taken down mob bosses for not paying taxes on their illicit businesses.

The government always gets their cut. The choice is to either do it the easy way, or the hard way.

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Why now? The latest poll numbers are in, and Latinos are leaning heavily +R.

The open border strategy only works when the illegals assimilate into the existing Latino population, that used to lean heavily +D.

If you listen closely you can hear the alarms, and the computer saying “abort! self-destruction imminent!” in the background.

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It should be the “cable news” defense, because FOX News has also won lawsuits by using it.

Basically they claim they’re “entertainment,” not “news.” So people shouldn’t be expecting facts, they should expect to be entertained.

Honestly, he should have used it. Ron Coleman was tweeting some stuff out the other night about how Alex’s legal representation has been so awful that they didn’t even mount a fucking First Amendment defense, and in fact didn’t cooperate very much with the court at all during the pre-trial phase, which gave Alex a very limited defense when the trial actually started.

I haven’t followed it much, but it sounds like he was pretty screwed long before this ever got to court.

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The bar for defamation is the the malicious publication of material statements of fact, that did not occur, in an effort to damage the reputation of an individual and cause them material harm.

Alex could be telling complete lies, as long as he’s not saying “this person did this,” and only doing it out of malice to harm that person. That person then also has to prove the damages caused by that harm, which is why it’s a lawsuit. That’s also why defamation cases are extremely difficult to win, because of all the hurdles that have to be cleared.

I still have no idea how the jury reached their verdict, because even a blind guy could see how stupid it was.

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I wonder if those people think chicken tastes like snake?

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I wondered why my dog always seemed so traumatized after I took them to the groomer. I had no idea this stuff was going on. Sheesh.

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