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The story of the Matrix was, at best, heavily influenced by a lot of other sci-fi work. At worst, it was completely plagiarized. Verdict is still out there, with lawsuits leading into the 2000s about it.

Don’t give those trannies too much credit. They are responsible for the style, not the substance. That’s why they can’t see the irony you’re pointing out.

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“Gary Faggot” Bill eats pieces of shit like you for breakfast 🤣

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She’s got “fuck you” money like Lindell and Trump. Her label is owned my Lil Wayne, who is a Trump supporter. She’ll be fine. She can do more damage to them than they can to her, short of killing her. She knows it.

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And this is why airline employees promptly put their feet down and made the companies backtrack on mandating the “vaccine”.

Forget specifically which brand, but a British airline had multiple pilots stroke out mid-flight within the course of a few weeks after getting vaccinated.

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The government wouldn’t hurt me

Trump is going to kill us all

The internal struggle of the liberal.

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I’m sorry, friend. My joke was only meant to be lighthearted, with no perspective of what you and your family are going through.

I’m guaranteed to be losing both my father and grandfather in the next 3-12 months due to ongoing medical issues that are absolutely certain to come to a close here soon. We’ve been lucky to have them this long.

Give you father a big hug today and remember that his greatest accomplishment in life is you. He and his legacy will always live on through you. It takes great men to raise great sons.

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Don’t worry. Once he passes away, he’ll start voting Dem again.

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Exactly. The reason such drastic measures are taken against such high offenses is to dissuade anyone else from doing it. Anything less than public execution for treason is unacceptable.

Let him have his day in court, and if found guilt - death penalty. Swiftly, no option to appeal.

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Aborting babies saves them from death

Uhhh lol

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You’d have to ask Trump.

If I were to guess -

  1. Ego. The experts (medical, media, dee state politicians) said a vaccine would take years to develop, if they even could, since no vaccine has ever successfully be developed for SARS before. Trump got one out, despite it not being an actual vaccine and it seemingly causing more hard than good for those who don’t have a sure chance of dying from COVID.

  2. Trump trusts (or trusted) the “experts” to treat the pandemic apolitically. Their advice was leaky mRNA gene therapy jabs over natural herd immunity. Trump’s a lot of things, but I’d venture biology and medicine aren’t his forte.

  3. Trump never admits when he’s wrong. He talks about never admitting failure in his books. To admit he was wrong now would give the haters and losers ammunition.

  4. He’s also putting the “vax me, daddy govt” faggots in a position where they have to admit the vax that they are determined will allow life to get back to normal was Trump’s success. Quite a conundrum for liberals right now. It makes the talking heads careful about what to say or omit about it.

But again, you’d have to ask Trump if you want the real answer. I agree with him on most things, but can’t get behind this one.

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With the exception of Trump, all the liars, crooks, and criminals who have been telling others to hate me for my political views, the color of my skin, and normal sexual orientation are now the same people telling me I need to get vaccinated or I should be removed from society.

They’ve spent years lying to my friends and family, saying my president is a Russian asset, that he is somehow the deep state (despite only just breaking into politics), that he’s going to start WWIII and end the world, that he’s a dictator, a racist, and anyone who supports him is just as bad.

Now those same fucks are begging me to get vaccinated “or else”.

How fucking retarded do you have to be to say “okay, all these evil, lying fucks must have all had a change of heart about my and my country’s best interest overnight”?

Hard pass on the “vaccine”.

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Ensure a reason to keep troops there for decades, in order to guard those precious poppy fields for big pharma’s opiod-palooza:

We only withdrew because now the pharma money is on subscription-service style “vaccination”.

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Creates millions of fake ballots to force themselves into office

Sets up thousands of national guard and fences for inauguration

Forces an unprecedented amount of EOs his first months in office

Purges our military of anyone right of communist

Won’t address the public

Hardly addresses the media

Can’t even execute a proper withdrawal in a shithole country we’ve controlled for nearly two decades

Hides the “president” and “Vice President” to the point that we still see Trump’s face more than anyone in this administration

Yeah, this administration does not have control and are in a constant state of panic. They’re just slowly seeing how much they can weaken our country before patriots start firing, then China will cease the opportunity to defend their assets.

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The CCP doesn’t lack the numbers or resources to do both. We’ve been in a Cold War with them for decades and modern technology and social media influence has rapidly expanded their “front” and influence.

Notice - they safeguard their internet’s content so western influence can’t effect their people. They see our open content policy as a weakness. Though I’d prefer we keep our openness, because I would never want liberals to decide what I can or can’t see and post online. See: Australia.

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I hear if your company and all of its employees pledge loyalty to the CCP overlords, your business is all but guaranteed to thrive.

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These are the “women” who have the least to lose when abortions get banned. Why are they even concerned?

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