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I’d imagine because Trump used it as leverage while Biden has used it as retaliation to kick off a larger conflict (assuming the US had anything to do with it).

Personally, I’m still pretty indifferent on the whole thing. I wish we’d just stay out of it entirely.

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People tend to forget the reunification of Germany was only over a little 30 years ago. When you factor in the age of an average politician, you’re looking at people who spent 20-30+ years under communism as their basis for politics before becoming politicians. West Germany was still a police state outside of East Germany’s blatant communism, because they spent a ton of time and resources “re-educating” the Nazi out of the populace and neutering any idea of identity/pride/nationalism.

When combined with the “democratic socialist” (communism lite) policies of most of Germany’s surrounding countries, it’s no wonder that Germany is an authoritarian country where its people get the “liberty” to elect which authoritarian ruler they want.

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Anyone who didn’t vote for Trump is a faggot. Anyone who supports socialism/communism is a faggot. Anyone who gets their coffee from Starbucks is a faggot. Anyone who still supports Disney is a faggot. Anyone still using Reddit is a faggot. Etc, etc.

There is an astonishing amount of faggots.

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I miss the days before the internet, when there was no misogyny, hate speech, misinformation, or extremism.

When the founding fathers laid out our God-given rights, none of those things even existed and therefore were in the scope of said rights.


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And we are overwhelmingly red with a lot of guns, ammo, farmland, coast line, and great infrastructure.

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When I deal with progressives in real life or online, I ALWAYS bring up this point. Willful omission is lying.

As a reformed, former leftist (converted in 2015, thank you GEOTUS), I know first hand that willful omission is the strategy of the left.

It’s the same as when one of your children comes to tell on their sibling. Kid 1 comes to tell on kid 2 for hitting him. What kid 1 isn't going to tell you is that he provoked kid 2 by intentionally knocking over kid 2’s Lego set just to be a dick.

The left and right live in two separate realities in the same space. The left’s reality is pieced together by a string of lies and omissions to feebly justify why the awful shit they do is actually good.

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Of course he is, which is why I just wrote a paragraph of insults. Fuck that thin skinned, make up-wearing faggot.

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Obama legalized the use of propaganda on American citizens, and we’re seeing it rolling 24/7 now.

Not to say that faggot was calling the shots, he’s just the one who put the pen to paper.

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Yeah, good to see cock sucking OP stopped beating Bill Mitchell’s tiny little baby dick for a few seconds to post something a little better.

Bill Mitchell is a faggot!! Infowars.com!!

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The left is so incompetent and their ideas are so retarded that they can’t even keep their bullshit agenda from blowing up in their faces for 5-10 years.

They’d have it a lot easier convincing people WE are the problem if they could just get anything right for a change.

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Destroy every federal institution and rebuild, from the ground up, only what is absolutely necessary.

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The best border is the one where we’d shoot invaders on sight. These invaders know exactly what they’re doing and rely on our sympathy and understanding to continue to try till they get away with it.

If they don’t care about our laws before entering, they aren’t going to magically start caring once they get in.

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Imagine the relief on cost of goods, gas, housing, etc and how much higher our average income would be if we deported all the illegals. Millions of legal, honest citizens are stuck competing against a bunch of cheating wet backs.

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She identifies as in her 30s 😂😂 ignore the crow’s feet that not even an inch of make up can cover up. 100% she has those old lady wrinkly elbows.

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Literally the plot of Sleepaway Camp.

1980s slasher where the twist ending is the main “girl” is the actual killer and “she” is killing people because the aunt who adopted “her” always wanted a girl. So the aunt raises this little boy as his dead sister and the kid short circuits, going on a sexually confused murder spree while at summer camp.

There’s a bit more to it, including childhood sexual trauma, but that movie basically explains the psychological damage of what the left is trying to fucking normalize 30-40 years later.

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Those Nazis weren’t burning bibles, dictionaries, or encyclopedias.

They were burning the degenerate trash being written to push the same degenerate agenda we were seeing now, which became rampant in Berlin culture - homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, incest, drug abuse, human trafficking.

What they omit from post WWI history is astonishing. The Nazis probably did some heinous things, but how much of it was exaggerated, why is there no context, and why does no one teach what lead to the tipping point? If your cities are overrun by communists, alphabet people, pedophiles, and Jews exclusively, while committing the most disgusting and despicable acts imaginable (gosh, this sounds like modern day America almost), it’s pretty clear why certain groups were given the option to leave the country or face death.

I’m not trying to be antisemetic in this comment, I have orthodox Jewish family and they’re very MAGA, but it’s a clear case of being judged by the company you keep. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.

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“sometimes I’m a car”

I wish you’d go out in the street and get totaled, you degenerate piece of shit 😂

Only the best join the 41% club.

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If we’re talking Russian support over Ukraine, this seems like a no-brainer.

Ukraine has a globalist puppet government that our own deep state installed in order to launder US tax dollars. If Russia’s claims that we also have biochemical facilities that we’re operating remotely to create bioweapons to circumvent domestic laws, then even more of an excuse to support Russia.

And we all know Russia’s an enemy, but frankly much like the US/China relationship, the EU shouldn’t be shitting on Russia while simultaneously relying on their energy.

I’m cheering for Russia in both circumstances, because the enemy of your enemy is sometimes your friend. I’m hoping this all becomes a lesson to the globalists and to lefties that nationalism and individual liberty is the only route to exceptionalism.

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Uncomfortable facts for liberals -

The first slave owner in America was black.

Most of the largest slave-run plantations were owned by Jews.

Jews dominated the transatlantic slave trade.

Far more whites died fighting to free the slaves than blacks who died as slaves due to mistreatment.

There were a ton of northern slave owners.

All these things go against the narrative that the southern states were inbred, white trash slave owners and the north were heroes trying to save the blacks

Soon revisionist history will have you believing all whites owned slaves and it was the brave BIPOC trannies who rode in on unicorns loaded with Gatling guns to save the day.

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