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FBI informants commits crime. Happens a lot. It was an fbi informant who killed civil rights protestors in Alabama.

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Google Ray Epps, see the gaslighting cover up bull shit

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She probably was really disappointed that there never was any vaginal sex

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This is going to be hilarious because hopefully the fbi rank and file faggots thought they were off

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It’s when you don’t use an agents pronouns. That’s violent.

Is it violent to say “WE NEED TO GO JNTO THE CAPITOL!” Like Ray Epps did?

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Not all gay men are FBI agents

But all FBI agents are gay

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FBI and DOJ Agenda, August 2022:

  1. Conduct illegal raid

  2. Incite MAGA base

  3. Get quotes, make them if you need to

  4. Create false flag event (Ray Epps It)

  5. Blame Trump

  6. Watch the best of kid rape from the FBI video vault

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I think the FBI agents and DOJ attorneys were hopping to dress some kids up like melania… idk, I’m not a pedophile like federal agents are so I don’t totally understand their ways

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MSNBC is going to post your comment

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When does the shooting start?

Bob Barr to Bob Mueller, Ruby Ridge, 1992

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They probably hire into the culture

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Dear FBI, Is monkeypox the worst std you’ve gotten?

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Fuck fox:

Perry was also a strong supporter of Trump’s repeated unproven claims that his 2020 election loss to now-President Biden was due to massive voter fraud.

Perry has been a target of interest of the Democratic dominated January 6 House select committee that is investigating the deadly 2021 attack on the Capitol by right wing extremists and other Trump supporters who aimed to disrupt the congressional certification of Biden’s Electoral College victory. Perry was in communication numerous times with the Trump White House in the days and weeks ahead of the storming of the Capitol.

Fuck Fox News and hannity/tucker/Ingram/Baer and the rest

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She was a sex toy at the WEF

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