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Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not. But that’s old and in that article, it clearly states the mom has custody. Fast forward to December of that year, which is several months beyond the article you sent, the only updates available state that the mom was granted full custody and the father’s appeal was shut down. His then-girlfriend (could be wife at that point though, hard to tell when they got married) stated that he was not stable and should not have custody.

If you have any updates since then, which is what I asked for, then feel free to post. But the most recent update states he does not have custody and was denied in his appeal.

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Says who? This sounds like fake info. Post a link

Most recent updates I can find show the father lost custody and his appeal was denied. They deemed he was fucking nuts

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I remain neutral so I’m not saying you’re wrong and asking you to prove yourself — I just want to read up — can you link me to these studies? Thanks

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Fox News had some of his quotes. Mostly saying things like he was shining his gun to shoot Biden the buffoon, Alvin Bragg, etc.

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Well we just need to unite. We need to push politicians we elected to do what we elected them to. That’s all. All of us, together.

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Because demoralization is a tool of the left. It’s you who initiated conflict on your own side, knowingly or unknowingly.

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To praise you and state that.

Keep fighting the good fight, keep telling these losers to look in the mirror. They’re the anchor that holds us back. Good day.

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Exactly. This is why I quit this pathetic site. Nothing but losers projecting their weakness and depression and helplessness, like a powerless, scared child.

If we can’t rid our side of these types — which are exactly like cancer — then conservatives lose and will die off. And deserve to.