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I’d love to see some evidence. Because down here in Raleigh, NC I haven’t seen any evidence at duke, wake Med or UNC that would even remotely hint that that’s happening.

You watch YouTube videos and think you’re getting the real scoop. In reality you’re watching retards who tell you shit that plays off your fear and paranoia so that they get money from a lot of clicks.

Stop believing Q anon shit for fuck’s sake.

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Greed + big pharma lobby.

It’s not genocide. The vaccines are mostly useless, that’s about it. If you think millions are going to up and die randomly sometime in the future, you’ve watched too many q anon vids.

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Ya the blackpilled cunts here are cancer.

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Crypto is the only thing standing up to communism and a central global government. God be with it. Block chains are used in places like HK too to deliver citizens uncensorable news.

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This blackpilled shit is the most beta of beta cuckedness.

The country isn’t going to fall. The world isn’t going to end. Log off the internet and go live life. The tide is already turning. We are winning. Momentum is shifting like never before. Never.

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Keep taking the black pill. Look how well that’s working. You’re like a possum that rolled over and is playing dead. Get some balls

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That’s probably what the people at southwest thought. You must stay strong. I told my employer I’m willing to leave healthcare over it and they haven’t pushed it more since. Employers will back down. Or they’ll call you back after when they realize they’re fucked.

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On iPhones it won’t let me make flairs. The button is beyond the screen. That’s one way we are not winning. Flairs on mobile devices!

Edit: never mind it was fixed and works. We are winning all around now

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Most talk like this lol doctors are just regular people that went to medical school. They don’t talk like this while you’re seeing them at an appointment (I do but I also bash biden, democrats etc. — I stopped giving a fuck because we need to wake everyone up. But it’s very unprofessional (which I find humorous, so I extra don’t care)). But we do talk like this in general lol.

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Into victory. I’m ready to start winning again, as I’m not tired of winning yet.

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He’s super based. Warcraft is just an old fuck.

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Fuck out of here you old fucking retard. This guy is more based than you ever will be. Senile old cunt.

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Correct. We are winning. We have the momentum.

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Neither has the American people. I’m not concerned

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