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Explains all the ED commercials constantly on radio. I was wondering wtf.

Looks like the vax is destroying peoples bonars too, damn.

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*to give money to Israel

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This dudes takes are soo incredibly weak

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They’re not feds. Can tell because all the alt-lite mouthpieces keep saying they are in unison.

This place is ass now geeze. I swear this site is astroturfed to the gills, or the user base is stupid for real.

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Reality: they can select whoever the fuck they want.

If they decide to embarrass us further by electing a pig, they will do so and there is t a damn thing we can do to stop them.

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Yup. I’d say it’s the majority in here, we’re real people not shills or bots.

However I do think this site has been astroturfed to the nose with bots demanding people support Trump and losing policies and has been for a while.

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Globalist speak for “Americans have no idea 6uild 6ack 6ettwr is the literal destruction of their way of life. Forever.”

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