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No. And Torba will keep it like that.

He has turned down all money up to now, thats why he has FULL control of GAB and there’s been no bullshit rules.

He is acutely aware if you take their money you’re as good as toast.

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Once the flash happens and word spreads the violence will spread like wildfire.

Better to be ready than caught off guard!

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This is a political purge.

The type that precedes massive atrocities.

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He is. Happy he took a stand here though.

Not happy he promotes rumble as free speech when it has hate speech rules.

Fraudulent claim for sure.

He also refuses to call CRT what it really is- anti white racism.

Telltale signs of “staying between the lines” to keep the money flowing.

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These communists are literal soulless demons.


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They’ve should’ve stood firm.

Fake news wouldn’t have mattered as the economy would’ve ground to a fucking halt

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Cool pic. Sad but true

What year was the last for a silver cert? 1971?

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And have the gay sign up above lmao

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Every school that takes Federal money will bend the knee sooner or later.

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Desperation during collapse. Martial Law (permanent). Rounds ups and purges. Christians brutally murdered and persecuted. Digital currency implemented, cash outlawed.

NWO made official, religion outlawed.

I firmly believe they’re setting us up for mass unrest and chaos ONLY to declare Martial Law.

Makes perfect sense considering we have soo many guns, any resining will be labeled a terrorist and destroyed imo.

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If this doesn’t convince you this is all about destroying the United States- nothing ever will.

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