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Trump only hand-picks the worst people. Change my mind :/

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Anyone ever see Boebert walk out of a "Kum & Go"

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But he let it slide, didn't he.

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You're confusing the equal time rule with the fairness doctrine.

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NPR does not get direct tax dollar funding. They apply for the same federal bids that any org can compete for.

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Per capita, the highest number of tranny clinics is in Texas. Interesting.

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It's a tried and true National Election winner. Works every time.

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DJT on Florida: Florida ranks among the worst in the Country and on crime statistics, Florida ranked Third Worst in Murder, Third Worst in Rape, and Third Worst in Aggravated Assault. For 2022, Jacksonville was ranked as one of the Top 25 Major Crime Cities in the Country, with Tampa and Orlando not doing much better.

Source: https://truthsocial.com/@realDonaldTrump/posts/110069067679243105

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When he said 'I don't know anything about paying hush money to porn stars' I gotta admit I laughed.

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Well said. Floridians love Florida and they love Ron. Trump's post can be read as an attack on Florida as well, which is UNBELIEVABLY stupid.

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Why are we spending resources on Waco? That town is not up for grabs last time I checked.

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He keeps truthing the same thing over and over. When is he going to ...i dunno...run for National Office?

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Totally agree. Which is why nobody should step in and interfere with the gubmint screwing this up. That will only deflect attention from it.

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Exactly. PANDEMONIUM!!!!

I wonder how many people commenting read the story in full and watched the tape of what really happened. :/

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It's not a misdemeanor rap. That's the story some are saying to downplay this, but it's not the case. The rap is not for banging a whore.

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None of this is going to happen. Trump will turn himself over to authorities to avoid a perp walk.

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Kickoff a secession? No...no it would not. That's Q thinking, not Florida thinking.

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