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Makes me proud to be a yooper and we stand behind Karl 100% I've been calling Gray Television non stop and there will be protests outside the TV6 offices throughout the yoop.

by Maaam
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Lots of brothers of blood here in the states pissed off and we know the way

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The enemy is the globalist and the target should be their entire family and bloodline. Kill em all to save ourselves

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Oh wah go get em tiger

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Fuck your mother

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Sounds like the devil himself talking. You first

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With a name like that what a tragedy. Who could have seen something like this coming

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I know he is and of course they are hypocrites. These people are here to destroy and sell out of country for pennies on the dollar. They want to do much worse if we let them. It's time to start organizing locally and has been for some time now.

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Good luck enforcing that tyrants. Yoopers will not comply and haven't since day one. I hope she tries using muscle, than we can start having some fun around here

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Go fuck your mother Taxi. The cunt is worse than Hitler

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