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Then why give it to them in the first place?

There is a pretty good chance that the body experienced undue stress because it was attempting to have an immune response to the vaccine.

Undue stress that weakened the body even further than it already was.

But the vaccine didn't kill him. Covid did. /s

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So Powell also had cancer.

Comorbidities only matter when people are questioning the efficacy of the vaccine, apparently.

Otherwise they shouldn't be mentioned and COVID!! should be the main takeaway in the headline.

"The vaccine didn't work because he already had cancer, so that means there is no reason to question the efficacy of the vaccine."

The vaccine didn't work you fuckers. If you knew that it wouldn't work on a guy with cancer then why did you give it to him in the first place??

Fucking npc's. I need to go to lunch.

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And the truth isn't even hidden.

They come right out in the open and say it, and then deny saying it when you accuse them.

And then say it again.

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He should have Bill Burr and Dana White on at the same time. Maybe they could all red pill each other on their weak areas.

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"I can afford people medicine, mother fucker."

Rogan hasn't been this mad since Crowder said weed was bad for you.

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I was just making fun of the new mask and vaccine logic that they only work if the other person wears/gets them.

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However, the only way for our planes to be safe is if all other airlines ground their flights as well.

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This is the guy that stood up at the city council meeting and told them to shove their gun laws up their ass, and then he was elected lt governor.

Pretty awesome.

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stand your ground/constitutional carry does not apply to students inside of a school building.

are you insane?

he wasn't even defending himself from a life threatening situation at the time that he shot them.

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If that kid was white he wouldn't be out on bail and we all know it.

Because white kids don't hold their guns sideways.

I'll see myself out.

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what part of the US are you in?

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horse ivermectin (make sure ivermectin is the only active ingredient) is safe and effective when properly dosed.

we bought a pack of peanut butter crackers and dosed the paste into each one of those for six doses.

24 mg per day until symptoms improve, which usually takes 2 to three days.

but one dose is better than none if that's all you can get to him.

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overly concerned with the opinions of others

I'm guessing you're a female yourself?

I kid!

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Resubmitted. Font artifact was bugging me.

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