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Shows how out of touch you are with that comment.

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Intel Republic has been posting some new vids. Tommy Robinson News is another one. Disclose.tv was where this video on this post was where I saw it on Telegram.

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They're stationed everywhere. There are programs in place for regular spraying and then there is uncontrolled spraying done by commercial aircraft that fueled at an AFB or Civilian Hub (LAX/ORD) that has the chemicals infused already into the fuel.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfJ5qbI3Ej8 - Kristen Meghan explains the Military side as she was a whistleblower in charge of chemicals and dangerous goods for the Air Force.

With your story on black helicopters. Probably belonged to the State Dept operating under the DOD. I worked with a guy who flew those for the war on drugs in the 1980s and sprayed chemical agents in the jungles of Columbia.

There are people tracking all of this. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/category/audio-video/radio-shows/ Dane Winnington is one of the more known people in the world of climate engineering. He hired a former NASA scientist to analyze the chemicals being sprayed and there purpose to destroy the Ozone layer. This is allowing UVB/UVC rays to touch the earth's surface causing the oceans and forests to burn.

There are many pilots who operate under the "code of silence" who fly civilian and want to think they are Black Ops or some shit. I fuckin hate pilots on commercial and air cargo. Its just me, but they operate in a way where what they're doing is for "the greater good". Just like the pilots in the military directly spraying the upper atmosphere. They don't ask questions they just do the job. During Operation Warp Speed there were a shit load of violations and know what no one said anything. Just like the invasion of Europe from the Central Republic of Congo - all the airlines involved said nothing. Same with the abandoning of Afghanistan. All pilots involved said nothing in helping the invasion into the US, but you know who did. The mechanics onboard. One was my friend and I made the right call to the right people in the state of Florida to address which airline was flying where and when. Those are easier for normies on here to get. The minute you speak chemtrails or atmospheric aerosol injection as said by Brennan when he was head of CIA with Obama. Its off the rails bat shit crazy on here. This forum is only for those not willing to look past the Covid bioweapon. As for those other 2 subjects I lightly touched on that really happened and changed me for life. No one will ever tell me I am bad for this place. Go fuck yourself and continue to deny what's in your faces. Just like the death clot shots dropping people dead. It's related to this.

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With guests Tom Callander and Dr. Lee Vliet to discuss 5G Marburg and the next steps for plademic 2 coming. I thought this was a great interview with some important info on the set up for hemorrhagic fever coming to America.

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All mechanics no matter what job talks to themselves and inside their heads. Its normal actually. It's how we solve problems.

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You should consider looking to the sky. The chemtrails will be sprayed than you get rain or snow the following day. Next comes people becoming sick that have zero immune system function.

My older brother was in the ER for pneumonia or so that's what they called it even though the symptoms of his lungs being full of fluid and needing 3 IV's while barely breathing is side effects of graphene oxide passing through the lungs.

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So, he drowned on the vent because his lungs filled with fluid. 3 years ago I would never have known that, but since Covid I have learned about Myocarditis and all the other terrible things done at the hospital thanks to my friends here in SWFL working the death camps.

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Get them on CDS or MMS pronto. Check out the Universal Antidote Channel on Telegram. DL Telegram if you do not have it. There are people who cured cancer and clot shots with CDS and MMS protocols.

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It's part of his brand for Cobratate. You will only understand it if you follow him.

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I watched it without sound and it really just shows this "cop" leading the actors inside.

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There was another video posted on Telegram today in Ukraine where they showed villagers running through a "burning" town "under fire". The camera set was like a full blown movie filmset.

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Doubt it as a spy, but defenetly a handler.

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Funny how all the comments here have zero idea who this man is. Alex Jones praises Andrew Tate for awakening the new generation of Patriots. I watched him a few times on AJ show. Just because he doesn't come off as someone you can relate too doesn't mean he is not helping the movement.

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Yea well another crazy point is that a month prior to the COVID "outbreak" in Wuhan the US Military stopped us in South Korea and told us we were not allowed to fly into China. They didn't tell us why, but the military commander at the base said go home and prepare your families for hard times ahead.

Fast forward - "Operation Shit show aka Warp speed" - We are back in Wuhan and people were partying like it was 1999 while America was being told they're on lockdowns. You know why? When we flew into Wuhan the taxi service did not allow Americans or other foreign nationals to leave the hotels. They were under lockdowns by the Chinese government. There were some Australians who managed to sneak out with an American. They got busted and more restrictions were implemented. The captains would complain of not sleeping during the nights because the Chinese were spraying bleach on everything that it made a film on all furniture. The Chinese Government also started boarding all cargo jets after landing to interrogate the crews of place of origin and destination. The PLA demanded to know where we were going all the time. They started dictating the cargo loads into the jets and they never matched the initial flight plans which is dangerous for Center of Gravity (CG). The PLA took over and the old Hong Kong personal at the airport were gone for the most part. It was a madness. Run by the PLA invasion. Which was ignored by all media and still is.

Just as a source I am a Maintenance Controller for an air cargo company that oversaw all the maintenance of our fleet of jets and am in contact with everyone in the field. I have direct info of what's happening worldwide in the areas we go to. Most of which were 3rd world run by NATO or dictated I should say.

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I can add to this since you two seem to be the only ones ever to bring up this important point during that time. My company was in China during all the protesting at HKG airport. When Covid came the PLA invaded Hong Kong, they came in and installed mass surveillance at the airport and started making curfews for Hong Kong citizens. They abducted our maintenance personnel one day and he returned 2 days later scared for his life to the point we allowed him to sleep in our jets when they came there and come to South Korea and sometime Alaska to be a maintenance rider in order to temporarily escape the abductions that the PLA was doing in the cover of COVID. The PLA used Covid to round up the protesters using facial recognition and pinging phones. The most disturbing thing we heard was that mobile incinerators were used to round up the dead bodies of certain members of the protest who were killed by the PLA under the cover of COVID.

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