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Can he just fucking cum already? I'm over this shit

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This bill will ban tiktok the same way 9/11 gave a pretense to go after muh WMDs. Beware

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Lol you wish Putin was fake and gay, you fag

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You sound like you listen to Jim Cramer

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As someone who is totally ignorant on the matter but genuinely curious and wants to learn, can you explain to me what a Jesuit is? Thank you in advance

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The elites do want faggots to have children, for the only way their faggot army grows is by targeting and recruiting children, as for the most part they cannot procreate on their own. They can't raise solid families like us, they need to instead groom children from the shadows.

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Thank you, thought I was the only one feeling this way. The fact like all the other comments on this thread are creaming their pants over this is really telling of how far gone we ALL are at this point. This song sounds like America's funeral.

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Makes me think Elon is the Trojan horse to roll in that Chinese type app that rules over your entire life

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