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lol ironic coming from a neckbeard anime fucker

how's ur hentai body pillow?

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can't wait for the next black shooter to pop u 😂

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"everyone who doesn't agree with racism is a groomer!"

funnily enough it's mostly u neo Nazis (and old school nazis) who are caught as pedophiles

Hitler was a pedophile

so are most of ur leaders

Portland man who belonged to neo-Nazi group pleads guilty to child porn charge


Gab Hit With Search Warrants in Connection With White Supremacist’s Child Porn Arrest

former white-supremacist leader shared child pornography

what is it with white supremacists and pedophilia?

it's almost like all white supremacists want to diddle kids?


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fuck white europeans

they're the worst and most dangerous race

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"you have to stop believing fake news and free ur mind dude! by not questioning our evidence-free Conspiracy theories about jews secretly running the world and don't u dare challenge it. what are u some kind of free thinker?"

I like this comic to demonstrate

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"my dear friend epstein- he had a caaht. and I'd really like to have it back"

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they WERE dangerous

and could be again

and that's related to why you're so angry. because you're NOTHING like your forefathers lol. you're just shell of them.

ur weak lil white boys trying to take credit for their accomplishments because you know that you wouldn't have it in you to do even half of what they did..

they'd be ashamed of u lol

imagine if the nazi stormtroopers could've seen u fat neckbeard anime loving hentai watching weebs lmaoo

they'dve laid down their arms and joined the allies to destroy you loll

so even though ur subpar and subhuman -since u try to take credit for their accomplishments- u also deserve the hate that they deserve

this is why you're away supremacist anyway. you know that your sub car. below average. that your genetics are inferior. and that's why you're so threatened by all these other races and genders and ethnicities being able to compete with you on an even playing field. because you know that they're better than you

that's why you want to use politics and the government to slant the odds in your favor.

and ur mad u missed the golden age of white Supremacy

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noone "rules over u"

ur just so biased and full of hate that u pick a chosen "them" group to blame for all ur problems and claim they "rule" you lol

(I mean if there's a secret shadow group that's literally so capable that they can secretly rule over you like that in total secrecy then maybe they deserve to because you're clearly less capable than them lol)

you have no evidence for your claim that somebody rules over you. and when you blame an entire race of people for ruling over you you certainly have no evidence for that. it's just nonsense you made up in your head to justify the anti-christian hatred in your heart

happy easter u antichristians

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lol cnn isn't brave enough to call u out like this lmao

cnn is run by the same white supremacists that u are

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shills in here don't like the idea lol

no term limits on governor

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  1. no I don't

  2. israel is better than europe

  3. the people in israel are better than u in every way. every. way

ur subpar and want to tilt the scales to make up for it

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YOU sound pretty uninformed

can u honestly say trump did more for free speech than desantis?

how? because he constantly yelled angrily at him acosta?

ur one of those dumb ppl who wants an entertaining presidency instead of a good one

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it's only a poll of republicans

u still have to convince the other 70% of the country

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I'd rather have effective policy than loud tweets

I know some people would rather have the tweets

but if the president literally stays shut in the oval office for 4 years never making a peep but passing great policy I'd be happy

trump was entertaining. a performer

and that's why many ppl liked him. same way kim kardashian has fans. it's entertainment

but pretending trump is the only person who can make policy (or that he's even the best at it) is just downright false..

I could do without the weekly rallies and the constant bathroom tweets

without the constant cnn appearances to argue with biased journalists

sure someone needs to call them out

and trump can do that from outside the Whitehouse

but desantis has shown to be far better at crafting and passing policy

maybe DeSantis could be president and Trump could be the press secretary. that seems like a good spot for him..

trump likes to talk. press secretary is the perfect position

but desantis did more for free speech in 6 months than trump did in 4 years

and the facts are the facts

trump was great for exposing the corruption

but now it's time to send in the trained guys to go after it..

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also desantis did more for free speech as governor than trump did as president

let's face it: trump spent 4 years NOT protecting free speech

NOT going after antifa blm or their financial backers

NOT punishing the fake news (with more than just angry tweets)

NOT taking control of the doj and investigating criminals

make all the excuses u want but the results are the same.. and the results are the only thing that matters. in politics there's no points for trying

Dissatis is younger with more political experience beforehand and more political connections so I think he would be in a much better position to take control of the intelligence agencies and either disband them or reform them to actually investigate the real criminals

He has more political experience to accomplish those things

and as governor he demonstrated more of a willingness to protect free speech than trump did

trump only ever started talking about censorship after HE got banned in his final year. before that he never mentioned it

and he never DID anything about it..

desantis passed several free speech bills to protect americans constitutional rights

as president he would be able to label the internet as a common carrier (like telephone companies) or as a town sq

the same way jeff sessions would've been more effective as head of border patrol than as attorney general I think trump's place is governor of florida while desantis take the Whitehouse

plus that poll was only republicans prefering trump

desantis would have a broader national appeal

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